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Thread: Bezos, Dimon, Buffet, Cook, TSMC, Health Care

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    Bezos, Dimon, Buffet, Cook, TSMC, Health Care

    With the crisis in the US with health care quality and cost, it isn't hard to see Bezos, Dimon, Buffet, Cook and TSMC coming together to create a true revolution in not only US medical, but medical world wide. This will give the multi trillion dollar strength and talent to cause the most dramatic change in the history of medical by overcoming an entrenched, failing system that literally threatens the very existence of the US. It's well known Apple has been working on making the iPhone a key part of the medical infrastructure. TSMC with it's strength in processing power, on board memory with Crossbar coming on, mems, sensors and numerous areas of nanotechnology will be the key partner in making all this happen. This gives TSMC and Apple, even though very large companies, future dramatic growth. This unique combination of technical expertise, money, talent, technology, political skill is almost unmatched in the history of the world and fully up to the challenges they will confront every step of the way in every phase of the process of medical, insurance and delivery against entrenched special interests that have given us the current medical mess in the US. In the process this will create a world wide power of unprecedented scope, breadth and depth. Never have we seen a combination like this before. Apple has long been working on penetrating the medical sector in a very serious way and this is one of the very few areas that offers Apple a very long and steep runway of growth. This combination hasn't happened yet, but it isn't to far out to happen. I hope this forum may be a step that puts this out there, if it isn't already under consideration. All the pieces are in place with all having a common interest in making this happen, I hope it becomes so.

    Apple, Amazon, TSMC, Berkshire Hathaway, JP Morgan Chase combined, have the talent, political power, standing, money and will to make this happen.

    This could become the equivalent of the space race and lead to a whole host of advancing and coordinating a wide range of technologies, especially given the amount of money spent on medical world wide and increasing at a dramatic rate. The growing number of senior citizens world wide and their wealth will assure a market growing in wealth and influence.

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