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Thread: Bezos, Buffet and Dimon, A Modern Medical Revolution

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    Bezos, Buffet and Dimon, A Modern Medical Revolution

    Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet and Jamie Dimon have joined to reform the mess that US medical has become using modern technology at every step of the process combined with up to date business practices. These three of anybody have the technological, political and business prowess to push forward a technological revolution in a medical system that has been out dated, corrupt, horribly expensive and of low quality(the US has the most expensive medical and ranks 37th in quality). Hopefully together this trio will be able to knock down the many barriers to the progress and implementation of numerous technologies to not only vastly improve the quality of care, but lower the cost just as dramatically. They have decided to do this on a nonprofit basis which in itself present a threat to the entrenched interests. Hopefully they can redirect some of the near 20% of the GDP spent on medical in our economy to better purposes. One side effect of this is that a healthier people should be more productive, further improving the economy. They might stand a significantly better chance of pulling this off since we now have a President that doesn't believe in excess government regulation that greatly impedes progress not only in medical, but everything else. These three men have the power to bring full automation to medical on a scale that has been prevented by special interests that have given us high costs and low quality. The time is right to start fully automating medical just like we are doing in field after field with greater depth and breadth every day.

    This should be a boom to Silicon Valley and their ability to drive down costs while increasing functionality and quality that our medical sector has for the most part failed to do. Tech will play an ever larger role in health from health monitoring to diagnostics to advanced remediation through an ever increasing array of new technology and methods. Technology will play an ever greater role in not only wellness, but keep us operating at our maximum potential through an ever increasing number of methods.

    On top of this Apple is attacking our out dated low performing medical sector with a coming wave of platform, software and hardware projects with major partners. The assault on a system that's failing on most metrics has begun and won't turn back.

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