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Thread: Auto Suspensions and Semis, YES

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    Auto Suspensions and Semis, YES

    The semi/nanotech sector is expanding in ways and areas never really considered, but this addition to suspension systems(of all types and varieties in the future, not just transportation) is just one more very large market for the industry. This particular device is set to improve ride and road holding ability and will probably play a part in the entire auto experience, even behavior during braking and emergency maneuvers. It's use in other areas requiring suspensions of all types could change things in ways we haven't even imagined. A new frontier has been opened and this is just the beginning for what this company and their technology could be used for. This just shows the penetration of the semi/nanotech sector in giving everything smarts and active control is just beginning and still in its infancy. This is an ideal example of creating new products and markets, I hope others can follow this example.

    ClearMotion miniaturizes and revives Bose's radical proactive auto suspension technology

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