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Thread: ARM Like TSMC

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    ARM Like TSMC

    Masayoshi Son is determined to make ARM the ultimate power house of chip design at numerous levels. ARM looks like it will be the chip design equivalent of what TSMC is to chip fabrication. Both Morris Chang and Masayoshi Son are true visionaries in their vision of where technology is headed. The collaboration of both these companies and their partners at the top of the tech world, speak to entirely new visions for the tech sector and where it is heading, especially in the area of 5G which combined with AI/ML and the cloud/platform model is going to change everything as we know it. Both these companies I have no doubt will be intensely involved in all areas of nanotech from MEMS, machine vision of many types, sensors and power sources. We are about to enter a world that will change the very structure of society, industry, business and even political structure. Medical more than any other area is going to be the area of the most change for living a healthy, long life are among the most powerful drivers of almost everyone. The processing of knowledge is number two and is about to change also in ways that just a couple of years ago was unimaginable. By the end of this year we will see this massive way change takes hold and presents for the SemiWiki community far more opportunity than most to change themselves and the world. Prepare for the informal alliance of TSMC, ARM and others.

    I also see that these two companies by necessity must have tight collaboration on advanced projects especially. I feel this would be true in a number of areas and expanding as the knowledge barriers are pushed out. AI/ML and how they are integrated into specialty or specialized systems in SOCs, MEMS and advanced packaging would need close collaboration and offer untold opportunity.

    I feel the financial market change today marks recognition of an historic turning point.

    Thoughts, comments and additions solicited and welcome on this.

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