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Thread: Apple's Assault on Health Care

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    Apple's Assault on Health Care

    In any endeavor, who can accumulate the widest and deepest moat wins and Apple is about to create the biggest data vacuum ever. When AI/ML is applied to this vast pool of data the results should be a dramatic increase in the rate of progress in understanding medical from cause to treatment to cure/solutions. Medical in just the US is a three trillion dollar plus market and growing faster than the economy in general. Combined with the Apple watch to feed the Apple ecosystem the results should not only be dramatic but yield many surprises. Added to this is Apple's relationship with Kaiser that went fully electronic records years ago. On top of this add that Apple has one of the most secure networks out there. The real kicker is that Apple has the highest income customers using it's platform for just about everything. This is just a prelude to the automation of medical at every level from spotting a condition early before it may even be apparent to resolution. Robotics will be a key part of this and it will be interesting to see if Apple moves in this direction either by themselves or with a partner. With the staggering resources Apple has, they can go in any direction any way they want.

    Apple's ResearchKit: Ready for healthcare or far from useful? | Healthcare IT News

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