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Thread: Apple, TSMC and Medical

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    Apple, TSMC and Medical

    With medical being a target by Bezos, Dimon and Buffet, this is the next major target for Apple and to expand their alliance with TSM from the device to the platform. Medical is one of the few drivers large enough to move the twin ecosystems of Apple and TSM. No business out there is as staggeringly huge as medical and as ripe for innovation, both on a world wide basis. Both companies have very deep talent benches, plus ecosystems of suppliers to pull this off. They are the only combination large enough to pull this off. A real wild card in this would be if the Apple/TSM alliance teamed up with the Bezos/Buffet/Dimon alliance giving them enough political clout to break down the numerous barriers the incumbents in US medical has erected over the years to give us medical ranked 37th in quality with the world highest cost. Even outside the country where medical costs aren't as bad is ripe for reform. This is a ten trillion dollar market and reform could move the needle for even the largest companies. TSM being the largest nanotech company and Apple with the most respected secure ecosystem are the obvious choices to lead this change. Apple has already targeted medical in several ways and TSM with their deep bench in nanotechnology could with Apples backing become a very serious player in medical nanotech if they choose to make it a priority. One example of the importance of medical is that top biotech analysts are in high demand and commanding seven figure salaries of three to four million versus other stars salaries of one to one and a half million. Full disclosure, I have substantial holdings of TSM.

    This could also lead to a major transition for both companies yielding a whole new generation of SOCs using advanced packaging to make medical devices containing mems, sensors, power sources to create body interface devices similar to current devices like pace makers. colloquial implants, artificial retinas and such. This could also create active control systems that could correct malfunctions and replace the functions of many drugs. A market such as this could make these two leading edge companies the largest combined endeavor on earth when taking their numerous partners into account. This is an extension of Morris Chang's philosophy of forming a group of companies that can achieve the most ambitious goals to the benefit of all.

    Combining the dollar economic assets of these companies, with the IP and human assets of these companies have so many power points they have the ability to give us a truly viable and affordable medical system.

    Update, with the latest watch taking medical to full FDA approval, Apple has shown they are determined to not only go into medical, but dominate it. It will be exciting to see them blaze new frontiers with their medical platform that I have no doubt will incorporate AI/ML and become a must have product for the health implications alone and all the rest will be a bonus.

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