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Thread: Apple/TSM New Technologies

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    Apple/TSM New Technologies

    Apple and TSM, both leaders in their respective fields both have similar business models in that they both have built core alliances to push into new frontiers. This is going beyond traditional semis into a whole range of nanotechnologies that the semi sector is in the best position to exploit with semis using more nanotechnologies than any other industry. The semi industry has mastered increasingly sophisticated mass production at an ever accelerating rate that can be applied in a wider and more diverse areas also at an accelerating rate. All this accelerating progress is creating new technologies that are growing in breadth and depth in a way no previous technologies have matched. It will be interesting to see how the semi mantra of constantly improving technologies and ever decreasing cost is applied to business, social structures and the challenges before us in ways most haven't even imagined. Never have we seen all technologies advance as fast as they have and feed upon themselves and business/financial structures create a logarithmic rate of progress never experienced before. Education/training will have to change to a subscription basis, for this model has rendered traditional models obsolete and defended by traditional interest to the detriment of everyone else. This is but one area of dramatic change needed to expand our potential for growth and the ability to tackle new frontiers and change challenges to opportunities with literally staggering benefits never imagined before. Like any technological, business or social change there will be interests that do everything in their power to be an impediment to progress to defend their increasingly obsolete business, technology and social models.

    The financial and business metrics of Apple, TSM and their key partners are confirmation this process in no uncertain terms and I have put my personal resources behind this trend.

    Addition: Medical is one area that even these huge companies could see substantial growth. I see both of them participating in monitoring, administering data bases and even making surgical micro robots for surgery in the future. The ways that could involve themselves is broad and deep and they have the resources to even buy partners if needed.

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    Did you mean "TSMC" (rather than "TSM").

    And did you mean "exponential rate" rather than "logarithmic rate"?

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