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Thread: Apple, MicroLed Screens, New Development Strategy

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    Apple, MicroLed Screens, New Development Strategy

    Apple is developing a micro led screen technology in a different way for not only advanced technology, but secrecy. The new display technology is being developed in Silicon Valley and being kept under tight wraps from even partners, until it is fully developed. I'm sure the SV location also gives it direct access to companies like AMAT at a very direct level, that also help keep it under tight wraps. Could this be the start of a new development strategy for SV where new technologies are kept under far tighter wraps in the tight web of SV and only released when far closer to maturity than in the past? Any thoughts or comments on this possible fundamental change would be appreciated. With rampant piracy and knock off technologies, could this signal a new trend? Any thoughts or comments on this possible trend would be appreciated as well as any other new trends on keeping control of bleeding edge technologies. Could this cause a more growth of SV in the rest of Northern California? Is this the start of a major trend of bringing more technology in house directly or through acquisition?

    Apple Is Secretly Developing Its Own Screens for the First Time - Bloomberg

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    Samsung has also been developing and showing their own Micro LED technology for awhile:

    Samsung Unveils “The Wall,” the World’s First Modular MicroLED 146-inch TV – Samsung Global Newsroom

    Apple bought that Micro LED company in 2014 and kept the public in the dark about their plans.

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