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Thread: Apple and Amazon backing Foxconn's bid for Toshiba Memory

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    Apple and Amazon backing Foxconn's bid for Toshiba Memory

    Apple and Amazon backing Foxconn's bid for the Toshiba memory business will be a real game changer. It is also a solid indicator of how important it is for both of them to have a secure supply of memory in a tightening memory market. It will interesting to what ramifications this has for all three players and how it changes the dynamics of the three markets these companies play in. It will also be interesting to see how the coming 3dXpoint memory plays into this. Full disclosure, I hold MU.

    Apple and Amazon to Back Foxconn’s Bid for Toshiba’s Memory Chip Unit - Barron's

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    The implication is much deeper and wider than merely a M&A transaction. Apple and Amazon are leveraging their mighty market capitalization and cash reserve to invest into their future and manage the competitiveness. This is a new race that Microsoft, Google, and Facebook can't just stay on the sideline.

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