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Thread: Apparently you can also grow too fast

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    Apparently you can also grow too fast

    Despite a record second quarter revenue and earnings report (revenue up >50% and earnings up ~100% over the same quarter last year through solid growth on all platforms), the stock tumbled 6% today because apparently that wasn't good enough. Perhaps a reminder that markets aren't especially rational - a high flyer must continue to fly not just higher but faster in defiance of gravity, reasonable risk assessment, etc, etc. More of a comment on the analysts than the company I would think.

    Nvidia shares fall as investors fret over data center growth | Reuters

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    My guess would be that it was profit taking / stock manipulation by the Wall Street. Nvidia will continue to lead HPC and GPUs, both of which are big growth markets, my opinion.

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    Maybe, it's because AMD has returned to the high end GPU market with Vega. Price competition in the Data center isn't going to do their margins any good. AMD's Project 47 PetaFLOP machine looks pretty impressive.

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