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Thread: AMD Chips Won't Boot

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    AMD Chips Won't Boot

    Just over the wires, some AMD chips won't boot after the latest Microsoft update, Microsoft maintains the AMD chips don't match published specifications and once the updates are loaded the machine is not bootable. Source CNBC 5:05 AM PST. The world is getting more complex all the time for everyone. Update, it seems it's just some older chips that won't boot, but no specifics yet. Any further information on this would be appreciated by me and the community, if anyone has updated information.

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    From what I read it's Athlon chips that are impacted, which is nearly a decade year old architecture - the last Athlon chips were released on 2005. When MS was testing the patch the probably didn't think to test against 10 year old chips.

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    That bodes poorly for patching IoT systems retroactively once security holes are found. Imagine if your car cannot be fixed for a known bug.

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