It seems that Amazon by stealth has become the leader in AI/ML. From the article it seems Amazon has taken the lead in AI using ML to write itself and is making these tools available on AWS. The Echo environment combined with their other businesses has given Amazon among the largest most valuable data bases to work with in this area. Never has so much power been concentrated in one company, they have definitely taken the lead in computational power and we have a situation where they could corner not only commerce, but AI/ML. The concentration of these two power bases posses many interesting questions. Pro or con, Amazon has become what seems an almost unstoppable power that has already left a trail of old line companies as wreckage in its path and now has one of the largest frontiers in front of it to conquer. Both unknown dangers and promise lie ahead. Comments and thoughts on this solicited and welcomed.

Amazon Has Largest A.I. Platform in the World, Its Machine Learning Guru Boasts - Barron's