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Thread: Algorithmia, Market Place Platform for Algorithms

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    Algorithmia, Market Place Platform for Algorithms

    Algorithmia is a market place platform for algorithms that should add to the speed and progress of AI/ML by combining 4,500 algorithms and 60,000 developers in a public cloud processing environment. We should be seeing many more of these type of platforms developing in more and more fields contributing to speeding up progress in just about everything, since AI/ML will be touching just about everything in continuing the "Great Acceleration" that is becoming the greatest turning point in the history of man as we create intelligences greater than ourselves. This is but one step in that direction. Hopefully we have the wisdom and perseverance to guide this awesome power to the benefit of all. I feel this is the major turning point in the history of man, throwing out the social, economic and moral rules we are used to and live by. AI/ML will further the penetration of tech into everything at an ever accelerating rate we have also have never seen before.

    Only an intelligent population can make intelligent decisions, will AI/ML help or hurt?

    Thoughts, comments and observations on the effect and impact of this on the tech industry solicited, wanted and appreciated, since I feel this might be the beginning of a major change in how AI/ML is approached.

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