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Thread: AI Platforms Will Totally Revolutionize the IP/Pantent Game/World

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    AI Platforms Will Totally Revolutionize the IP/Pantent Game/World

    Applying AI to the patent game is going to be a total game changer. By speeding up the process and increasing its depth dramatically this will accelerate even the "Great Acceleration" even more. Not only will it be used for patent searches for prior patents, but it will be used to save research time by looking for prior art and information before even starting a project. The Cipher platform, which is just a first step, for this and in current use by many companies is only the first platform and there will be many, all with different functions and goals. These kinds of platforms will have the ability because of their low cost and speed to create whole new IP marketplaces with numerous slices, subsets, derivatives, options and rights just like the financial markets. These could also be exchanged, traded, bought and sold separately to generate cash/resources for more research. This is just the first of many massive changes about to come to the world wide IP market that will have as much or even more impact that the creation of the foundry model for the semi/nanotech sector. This could cause the semi/nanotech sector to literally explode in size as MEMS and other complex systems bring entirely new technologies into the semi/nanotech realm. These platforms when combined with the foundry model in many fields are going to bring changes of all types, across many fields at a speed we haven't even imagined, especially as these platforms go world wide. All this will create both technical and political demand for a world wide unified IP system of such game changing proportions in the fact it might not change the game, but create an entirely new one. This has the capability of not only changing the technology game, but the financial and political game world wide and how we handle IP of all types. AI management/integration will be the most important skill set and this is just the beginning. Exciting times and opportunities of the "Great Acceleration" are truly upon us, wisdom required.

    This is just basically an extension of my forum on EDA going to the foundry model. AI/IP models and platforms will rule the world.

    Integrating people into this changing world has to made a priority for we are about to see the largest change of everything in the history of mankind at an UNPRECENDENTED speed and must take everyone into account so all can reap the most benefit and not degenerate into a cycle of exclusion and destruction. As knowledge and power go, so should leadership and wisdom.

    I don't use all caps except where I feel the need to emphasize something that is way beyond normal and this is one of those very few and rare times.

    Comments, thoughts and extensions on this solicited and welcome

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