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Thread: AI/ML Will Increase Demand for Memory

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    AI/ML Will Increase Demand for Memory

    Below is but one example of how AI/ML will greatly increase demand for memory, especially long latency memory of the several new types coming out. As types of AI/ML migrate towards the edge this will become even more so. If it comes to pass, Automata or a derivative of mixing memory and processing power will have distinct advantages in having memory of fast, high latency memory more integrated into processing power, especially as AI/ML migrate towards the edge. Any comments or thoughts on this welcome and appreciated. The demand for memory will vastly increase as the price drops and the technology improves far more than most can even comprehend. The "Great Acceleration" that has become an integral part of society is still picking up speed and greatly underestimated. Memory is but one example of the many supporting technologies to keep this tidal wave going and growing.

    Addition, Samsung just released a 512 GB V-Nand memory chip and controller chip for smart phones

    Samsung begins production on 512 GB flash storage for smartphones

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    Yes I have mentioned this before, AI will have a huge appetite for memory and leading edge silicon for faster chips. Mobile as well, iPhone 10's start with 64GB of memory now versus 16GB. Hopefully this will all make up for the overcapacity that we have thanks to Samsung. They are spending CAPEX in unprecedented amounts!

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