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Thread: AI/ML Will Cause Major Shift in EVERYTHING

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    AI/ML Will Cause Major Shift in EVERYTHING

    With the rise of AI/ML we will have the most major shift in ownership rights and liability in history. With autonomous cars/robots/smart systems, the legal target will be multibillion dollar firms on all levels from the car/robot manufacturer to the provider of the AI/ML systems that drive it. Lawyers won't waste time going after an individual or small company for at most a few million, but after the manufacturer and component makers who will be worth north of a billion and with class action suits, possibly even tens of billions. This is going to require whole new legal structures to deal with updates, recalls, maintenance and who has the right to update and work on the systems. It will also require self diagnostics on start up to check for updates, functionality and damage with each start up. If a problem is found, will the vehicle/robot shut down? This will affect not only legal rights, but ownership rights. With the rise of AI/ML in everything our whole concept of the law and rights of all types will have to change. Just like AI/ML in anything from physical products to soft areas such as personnel and hiring functions and everything in between we have entered a "Brave New World". What will be especially interesting is the rise of autonomous machines of war. Smart houses will also provide a whole host of challenges to be dealt with in numerous ways.

    PAAS, or products as a service might become the predominant form of ownership in many things to cope with high speed obsolescence by vastly increasing utilization. This will also increase demand for products as their useful/economic life shrinks dramatically. This would create new classes of curated products and this would become a skill set in itself. Being a curator of a PAAS provider will become one of the most valuable skill sets and would be about extracting as much value out of a product during the time it is the most effective, economic product for a task, which is becoming shorter all the time.

    AI/ML is the greatest change in the history of man and this is just one small area of adjustments that will have to made in almost everything we know and touch, including the very fabric of society itself. This will not only require technical intelligence, but social intelligence and coordination between the two from the outset of any project. All this will happen either good or bad at an ever accelerating rate that I call the "Great Acceleration".

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    It's about time! You left out using cryptocurrencies and smart autonomous contracts to run everything. The current system is broken in how it hurts workers and pays oligarchs.

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