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Thread: AI/ML/Semi/Nanotech/Mems/3D Printng to Drive our Future

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    AI/ML/Semi/Nanotech/Mems/3D Printng to Drive our Future

    My observations in the area of economics tell me the drive for AI/ML, plus its link to robotics/automation of everything will act as a driver for the semi industry from leading the edge like TSM to Vishay for everyday basics. Any drop is semi/nanotech/mems demand will be short and shallow for we are on the cusp of a revolution mankind has never even seen the likes of or something even remotely similar. These technologies have reached critical mass and are starting to feed on themselves creating a nuclear reaction like explosion of knowledge never before experienced and still in its early stages of what it will become as it is just starting to go parabolic. Totally new frontiers will be opened up that we haven't even imagined at a frantic pace that will keep everyone that can think even remotely outside the box more than busy. New frontiers are going to opened faster than we ever imagined that will be so broad and deep we will not be able to see the borders. The factor almost none have discussed with AI/ML is the exponential speed up in research and development. High speed 3D printing and other very advanced manufacturing processes will bring these things to reality in weeks, not years. Our rate of progress is about to really go through the "Great Acceleration" i wrote about years ago and is about to go parabolic. I have put my personal wealth on the line on this one and am all in. If this does not take hold I fear for the planet, mankind and our social structure collapsing into a Hell beyond imagination. This "Great Acceleration" will give us the power to solve the challenges before us. Our current educational system will have to go through changes that will make it unrecognizable to what we have today and that will be the final step.

    This is not a casual observation for I am all in on this in vision, purpose, philosophically and financially for the future of man on this planet depends on it.

    Comments, observations and additions solicited and welcome on what I consider the most important of all issues.

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