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Thread: AI and Machine Learning Coming Far Faster than Most Realize

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    AI and Machine Learning Coming Far Faster than Most Realize

    Machine learning and AI are coming to the mass market far faster than most realize, in fact the early products are already here. Amazon Web Services, IBM, Google and Microsoft among many are racing in a race they all know they can't afford to lose. This is going to cause a dramatic increase in semis in the obvious area of doing the actual computing, but another boom area will be IOT and human interface devices that will provide the raw data that will feed AI and machine learning that is literally a vacuum for information. All this will lead to a long, sustained growth for everything semis and semi manufacturing technology provide. On top of all this, semis and semi manufacturing technology applied to everything has the ability to lower costs dramatically over time while also dramatically increasing functionality at the same time. All this will propel the advance of robotics at a rate that will surprise everyone, but not all. This will present many economic and human resource distortions that for the unprepared will have horrible consequences, but provide large opportunities for those people and companies that not only themselves that adapt, but staggering opportunities for those that provide paths for other organizations and people to adapt. The development of these platforms if handled properly will provide a growth rate in economics and opportunities that has not been seen in the history of man. It's like comparing a horse to a modern car for transportation, the difference though will be much greater for the time frame will be greatly compressed. If not handled properly, the risks and dangers will be just as great. This is all part of the "Great Acceleration" that is taking place in literally everything in our lives, that for most gives us no choice of keeping up or falling hopelessly behind with dire consequences. Links below for reference.

    This Amazon Employee Out-Earned Jeff Bezos Last Year - Bloomberg

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    It's already a factor with google and seo and the web.

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