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Thread: AI and Automation Beating People in Task after Task and Accelerating

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    AI and Automation Beating People in Task after Task and Accelerating

    Whether its Go, chess, poker, detecting heart attacks, identifying skin cancer, AI is beating even the best people at task after task and accelerating at an ever increasing rate. Automating medical should be our priority since it's driving individuals and society bankrupt. Not only does it save money, but does a better job. This is only picking up speed and will improve dramatically in the near future. The fact is AI can sift through big data as no human can. With modern MEMS, sensors picking up everything from exhaled breath, to EKG level diagnostics, to non invasive blood testing coupled with big data, automation can do to medical what the truck did to the horse drawn wagon. This is also true in teaching and education in many areas and expanding fast. Even lab work can be taught in virtual reality in fraction of the time and costs. Rather than erect barriers, we must figure out ways of harnessing tech to everyone's benefit. This will require totally new work, education and economic structures that will become as important to develop as the technology to avoid creative destruction and convert it to a smoother evolutionary path. Developing this will be every bit as important as developing the technology itself and rewards just as great if not greater. Integrating various technologies in the smoothest and most productive way with the least disruption will become a sophisticated skill set in and of itself. The people with this skill set should be brought in from the beginning for without them the damage could be immense, maybe even greater than the benefit. This skill set will have to encompass the law, regulations, social structure, education and economic disruption. I predict this will become a whole new field to itself, extracting the most benefit with the least disruption. Thoughts and comments welcome and solicited.

    AI Beats Doctors at Predicting Heart Attacks

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