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Thread: 5G Managed By AI, from Mobile World Congress

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    5G Managed By AI, from Mobile World Congress

    With 5G slated to become the world's largest network by far, AI will be required to manage it and this will present a whole new set of challenges and opportunities for the semi industry on multiple levels. This will by far the most wide ranging, diversified network ever built, handling IOT and communications of all types. This will become literally the universal web that will link the modern world. With the complexity this will bring AI/ML will be the only way to manage a network of this size and complexity. The ranges of technologies and skill sets to build and manage this web will be unmatched by almost any other endeavor man has ever attempted. Linking just about everything on earth is a large task full of opportunity and danger, we are definitely entering a "Brave New World". It will be interesting to see the impact this will have on commerce, society and even warfare. Comments, thoughts and ideas on this solicited and appreciated.

    Qualcomm is already making early moves in order to try to be the early dominant player in this space as the article below describes by making a large number of critical alliances.

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    Good find on Huawei Arthur. The QCOM piece is mostly about 5G and interesting in the number of partnerships they already have lined up (and that Apple will likely be late to the party), I didn't notice anything about AI in the second piece. But maybe AI is more a carrier topic?

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