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Thread: 3D printing aluminum alloys

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    3D printing aluminum alloys

    I normally think of 3D printing as being based on platsics or similar materials. Now an option for printing objects based on aluminum alloys, as strong as the wrought material, may be on the horizon.

    3D printing of high-strength aluminium alloys : Nature : Nature Research

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    Bernard, they are now printing even titanium cheaply. The do it by printing it with a binder, then fusing it in a furnace. Works great and keeps the cost and time down dramatically from using laser fusing during printing.

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    Metal 3D printing has advanced significantly. General Electric is now producing jet engines the contain parts that are 3-D printed. Recently I had the opportunity to tour the fabrication shop for a very large high-tech company in Mountain View. They had several metal 3-D printers, including one that does titanium and another that prints steel. Another interesting technology they have uses gypsum to print soft parts which are then dipped into something like superglue to create a rigid solid.

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