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Thread: 33 MHZ IDMS Transducer Extends Ultrasound

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    33 MHZ IDMS Transducer Extends Ultrasound

    Advanced semis are going to radically change medical and a 33 MHz ultra high frequency IDMS transducer being used by Cannon to greatly increase the detail of ultrasound imaging and offering a real time imaging tool that extends medical imaging real time to the point it could radically change how many areas of medical diagnostics and treatment are conducted. We can expect even this technology will rapidly advance as semis of all types advance almost every facet of medical and we also see implanted semis/mems in the body in ever greater numbers. Combined with AI/ML, this offers an opportunity to create data bases that will give us ever greater insight into how the human body works that we haven't had before. This could become a critical step in the automation of medical diagnostics for this will provide more information and in real time than a person could process and reach conclusions that AI/ML could easily do. Automation of diagnostics, which take over sixty percent of doctor's time will be critical in bringing the spiraling cost of medical under control. The next step will be applying robotics and this device could be critical in making that happen. It isn't hard to imagine the impact of combining detailed real time imaging with robotic AI/ML surgery easily surpassing what a human surgeon could do.

    Medical, being one of the largest markets in the world, offers the semi/nanotech sector a mega market that will change the economics of the entire semi industry. Just spreading costs and resources over a much larger base will have dramatic impact. Medical will also be the next largest frontier for the use of robotics, AI/ML and semi/nanotech of a very wide variety of types, from manufacturing/growing body parts, monitoring, augmenting, repairing and maximizing of performance and function. All this presents staggering opportunities to augment and actually improve biological performance of plants, animals and humans in ways we have yet to explore.

    Canon Medical Introduces 33 MHz Ultra-High Frequency Transducer to Help Expand the Clinical Applications of Ultrasound | Business Wire new cannon mri

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