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Thread: SPICE and FastSPICE Vendors Wiki

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    There have been developments by several EDA vendors that have greatly increased speed to the Fast-Spice level, some, like BDA, have done that with Analog FastSPICE without loss of accuracy compared to Spectre or HSPICE. Full Disclosure - I worked at BDA as an apps guy a few years back. Cadence was doing pretty well with their APS engine as well.
    Posted by Glenn Crosby

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    Perhaps these might be of interest for addition to the table & list:
    Simulator: Saber, the first and in some sense still the best table-based circuit simulator, which I have used extensively for analog chip design and big co-sim jobs in Hspice model environment, via the 'new Spice to Saber' translater NSpiToS.
    Analysis: time domain noise, pole-zero, worst case, successive injection, symbolic; Virtuoso Analog Design Environment lists 26 analysis types.
    Eldo analysis types, is a listing wanted (table has blank areas)? Eldo does most everything Hspice does, but better, in my considered judgement, including analysis types, I used it full time for 4 years next to Hspice. Far fewer bugs.

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    There are several of the lower cost spice simulators missing and one with incorrect info.

    First of all Tina is made and sold by Designsoft: DesignSoft main page. Pretty capable mixed-signal product with VHDL support. Latest version is multithreaded to take full advantage of multiple core processors. Probably the easiest to use and get up to speed on.

    Missing products:

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