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    by Published on 04-21-2017 10:00 AM
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    Article: Why are AMS designers turned off by Behavioral Modeling?-electronic-design-automation-ics-jpg

    It’s always a struggle explaining electronic design automation (EDA) to people who ask me what field I am in. I have come up with simple and minimal descriptions – such as “software used for designing semiconductors.” This, of course, ...
    by Published on 04-18-2017 05:00 AM
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    Article: A Most Significant Man-eta-compute-min-jpg

    A continuing challenge for large scale deployment of IoT devices is the need to minimize service/cost by extending battery life to decades. At these lifetimes, devices become effectively disposable (OK – a new recycling challenge) and ...
    by Published on 04-12-2017 10:00 AM
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    Verification Futures, Conferences (UK, France, Germany)-semi-event-min-jpg

    I've lived and worked in Silicon Valley for 13 years, but since 1995 I've been in the Silicon Rainforest (aka Oregon) where the world's number one semiconductor company Intel, has a large presence, along with dozens of smaller high-tech firms. In the past year I've started to attend events organized by the SEMI Pacific Northwest Chapter. On April 21st they are presenting an interesting breakfast ...
    by Published on 04-09-2017 06:00 AM
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    Article: Did the MIPS acquisition just doom Vivante?-driver-driverless-car-jpg

    What is the likelihood that the people building Uber’s self-driving technologies did not know that their software was highly imperfect and could endanger lives if the cars were let loose on public streets? Or that employees of Theranos did not know that their equipment would produce inaccurate ...
    by Published on 04-09-2017 05:00 AM
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    2. Automotive
    Article: Static Timing Analysis for Memory Characterization-fate-autonomous-jpg

    The latest installment in the "Fast and Furious" franchise will debut bringing the concept of remote control of cars into the mainstream. Suffice it to say that remote control plays a major role in the script.

    This will only be the latest chapter of a long-running effort to demonize autonomous vehicle technology in mass media - preceded just this week by an Uber self-driving car being upended ...
    by Published on 04-01-2017 10:00 AM
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    Article: Should ARM care about MIPS acquisition?-fdsoi_tutorial_st-jpg

    So you've got questions about FD-SOI? For chip designers in Silicon Valley, there's a great opportunity to get answers from some of the world's leading design experts. It's coming up fast: April 14th, the SOI Consortium is organizing a full day of FDSOI tutorials for chip designers. Bear in mind that it's not a sales day. It's a learning day.

    The courses will be given by top professors at top universities (including UC Berkeley, Stanford, U. Toronto and Lund). They’ve all also spent years working closely with industry, so they really
    by Published on 04-01-2017 05:00 AM
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    Article: Did the MIPS acquisition just doom Vivante?-crossing-ahead-min-jpeg

    Because you can never have too much to worry about in verification, reset domain crossings (RDCs) are another hazard lying in wait to derail your design. Which hardly seems fair. We like to think of resets as dependable anchors to get us back on track when all else fails, ...
    by Published on 03-25-2017 10:00 AM
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    2. Automotive
    Article: Should ARM care about MIPS acquisition?-talking-cars-quiet-qualcomm-jpg

    Qualcomm is a technology titan standing astride both the automotive and wireless industries with 10's of thousands of patents, 340M automotive-grade chipsets shipped and a leading position in the connected car industry. So it is fascinating to find executives at the company almost totally tongue-tied of late when it comes to talking about the car technology currently facing a government ...
    by Published on 03-25-2017 05:00 AM
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    2. Automotive
    Article: Should ARM care about MIPS acquisition?-mobileye-revenge-jpg

    Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has famously dismissed hydrogen fuel ("fool") cells and LiDAR and even parted company with Mobileye over automated driving strategy. Now it appears that Mobileye has gotten a measure of revenge with broad implications for the automotive industry, Tesla Motors and automated driving.

    Mobileye's revenge has come in Tesla's
    by Published on 03-21-2017 05:00 AM
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    2. Mobile,
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    4. Security
    Article: Waiting or EUV - Another View on the ReRAM Roadmap-quantum-computer-min-jpeg

    I’ve written recently about the trend to move more technology to the edge, to mobile devices certainly but also to IoT edge nodes. This is based particularly on latency, communications access and power considerations. One example is the move of deep reasoning apps to the edge to handle ...

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