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    by Published on 11-16-2017 11:00 AM
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    SVA : System Verilog Assertions - Dynamic Control Methods to control Assertions-scale-tools-not-your-expectations.jpg

    The complexity of silicon chips is exploding. Actually, it has been growing at a tremendous speed for decades. So far, the semiconductor industry has been successful at providing new ways to master new levels of complexity, over and over again.

    Standardizing hardware platforms, using higher-level languages with a knowledge of the underlying hardware ...
    by Published on 11-15-2017 11:00 AM
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    2. IoT Internet of Things
    Article: A Comparison of SemiWiki and DeepChip-challenges-blockchain-iot.jpg

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is an ecosystem of ever-increasing complexity; it’s the next wave of innovation that will humanize every object in our life, and it is the next level of automation for every object we use. IoT is bringing more and more things into the digital fold every day, which will likely make IoT a multi-trillion dollar industry in the near future. To understand the scale of interest in the internet of things (#IoT) just check how many conferences, articles, and studies ...
    by Published on 11-14-2017 11:00 AM
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    Article: A Comparison of SemiWiki and DeepChip-breker-min.jpg

    Verification engineers are hearing a lot about the Portable Stimulus Standard (PSS), and for good reason because it could potentially save them time and effort in doing their jobs much better. In order to get the big picture on what PSS is all about I contacted Adnan Hamid, founder and CEO of Breker Verification Systems, because he's been involved with the formation of PSS since its inception.
    by Published on 11-13-2017 11:00 AM
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    Article: HP Loses Its Autonomy!-motorola_dsp96002_die.jpg

    In late 1986 the Layout Project Leader of DSP96000 got married and left for a 6 months’ vacation so I inherited the biggest chip MSIL had in stock. Floorplanning such size chip was a challenge from day one. Even the 68030 SUN workstation was too slow. I started to ask around ...
    by Published on 11-07-2017 11:00 AM
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    Article: Double Patterning Exposed!-sankalp-semi-min.jpg

    I have a transistor-level IC design background so was intrigued to learn more from the CEO of an IP and services company that started out in India 12 years ago. Last week I spoke with Samir Patel, CEO of Sankalp Semiconductor about the newest $5 million financial investment in his company from Stakeboat Capital Fund. The Stakeboat ...
    by Published on 11-01-2017 06:00 AM
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    Article: Schematic Capture and SPICE from Symica-dvcon-india-panelists.jpg

    The fourth installment of DVCon India took place in Bangalore, September 14-15. As customary, it was hosted in the Leela Palace, a luxurious and tranquil resort in the center of Bangalore, and an excellent venue to host the popular event.

    As reported in my previous DVCon India ...
    by Published on 10-29-2017 11:00 AM
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    Article: Double Patterning Verification-capex-oct17.jpg

    Semiconductor capital expenditures (cap ex) in 2017 will increase significantly from 2016. In August, Gartner forecast 2017 cap ex growth of 10.2% and IC Insights projected 20.2% growth. SEMI expects spending on semiconductor fabrication ...
    by Published on 10-29-2017 06:00 AM
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    2. Automotive
    Article: Apple Will NOT Manufacture SoCs at Intel-jensen-huang-nvidia-gtc-europe-2017.jpg

    There hasn’t been this much excitement in Munich since the 1920’s. Nvidia’s great pivot was on display at the GPU Technology Conference Munich 2017. Digital dashboards are out and robotaxis are in as Nvidia narrows its focus on the tip of the automotive industry disruption ...
    by Published on 10-13-2017 11:00 AM
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    2. Automotive,
    3. Artificial Intelligence
    Article: Apple Will NOT Manufacture SoCs at Intel-auro-robotics.jpg

    Some days it seems like the world is obsessed with autonomous vehicles. No one really understands why. Surveys tell us that consumers are both interested in and repelled by self-driving cars. What’s missing is the business model – the commercial ...
    by Published on 10-12-2017 11:00 AM
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    Article: Apple Will NOT Manufacture SoCs at Intel-why-cars-arent-safe-planes.jpg

    People are often confused and amazed that airline travel is so much safer than travel by bus, rail or car. The safety of air travel is truly miraculous, particularly in comparison to the disastrous history of terrestrial travel.

    This reality was highlighted by the latest fatality data released by the U.S. Department of Transportation revealing that annual highway fatalities ...

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