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    by Published on 12-29-2016 02:00 PM
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    Article: TSMC dilemma: Cadence, Mentor or Synopsys?-ibm-demonstrates-blockchain-progress-clients-jpg

    IBM must have laid off its lawyers or something since never before has the company seemed so ready to reveal clients by name and the projects they’re engaged in. That has been going on for months and recently it has accelerated. Credit IBM’s eagerness to get blockchain established fast and show progress with the open community HyperLedger Project.

    by Published on 12-28-2016 02:00 PM
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    The GSA IP Working Group Meeting on IP Quality, Licensing, and Deployment Issues-they-kill-pedestrians-jpg

    I came upon the scene of a crash investigation yesterday afternoon in my hometown of Herndon, Va. A mother and two children were hit by a 20-year-old motorist making a right turn at an intersection. I did not see the crash, but I strongly suspect the motorist ...
    by Published on 12-28-2016 10:00 AM
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    Amazon Echo

    I watch a lot of Netflix and there are so many detective movies and series for me to enjoy where I try and match wits with the bad guys and figure out who is guilty a few seconds before the law enforcement characters do. On TV and with our movies there is often critical evidence extracted ...
    by Published on 12-28-2016 05:00 AM
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    Article: TSMC dilemma: Cadence, Mentor or Synopsys?-3-tips-securing-home-cameras-jpg

    Installing a home surveillance camera system can add great benefits but also may introduce new risks to privacy and network security. The goal is to increase the security and peace of mind, while avoiding cybersecurity threats. Here are three tips to consider when purchasing, installing, and configuring your new home camera ...
    by Published on 12-27-2016 03:00 PM
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    2. IoT Internet of Things
    Article: A Brief History of Today's Flexible ASIC Model-iot-few-my-favourite-things-jpg

    I was at the 27th Hewlett Packard Colloquium on Information Security at Royal Holloway, University of London this week and met Alan Stockey of Alan told me about a little ditty he wrote on IoT security to the tune of "My Favourite Things" from the Sound of Music. Amused me and he's allowed me to share it at this festive time of year - hope you enjoy and thanks Alan (and RHUL - I learned a great deal ...
    by Published on 12-27-2016 05:00 AM
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    Article: Intel Quarterly Report: Needs to Do Better-ramunajan-min-jpeg

    I touched earlier on challenges that can appear in AI systems which operate as black-boxes, particularly in deep learning systems. Problems are limited when applied to simple recognition tasks, e.g. recognizing a speed limit posted on a sign. In these cases, the recognition ...
    by Published on 12-25-2016 10:00 AM
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    Article Preview

    It's been 16 years since the debut of Honda's Asimo robot. By now, millions of people around the world have seen Asimo and its offspring at trade shows and on television. The robot is still capable of drawing a crowd wherever it is found especially since it is not only capable of walking and running but also of recognizing faces and gestures and interacting ...
    by Published on 12-25-2016 05:00 AM
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    Article: A Brief History of Mobile: Generations 3 and 4-avalanche-cybercriminal-infrastructure-takedown-jpg

    Congratulations to the multinational government agencies involved in the takedown of the Avalanche cybercriminal infrastructure! The U.S. Attorney’s Office, FBI, Europol, German Police, and others from over 40 countries were involved in disrupting one of the largest support structures for malware, digital money laundering, and Distributed Denial-of-Service ...
    by Published on 12-23-2016 10:00 AM
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    Article: 8 Reasons Why I Hate My iPhone 5-power-grid-min-jpeg

    Since everything we build in this industry either runs on, stores or produces electricity, we should have a more than passing interest in how we get that power. A couple of organizations, confusingly named the IEA (International Energy ...
    by Published on 12-23-2016 05:00 AM
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    Article: iPhone5 Versus Samsung S3: the Key Question-driverless-cars-4nt-min-jpg

    While traveling to California this year I had my first Uber trip after a concierge in Santa Clara recommended it as the best way to get to the airport, instead of the usual and expensive taxi ride. Later in the year I had my first Lyft ride after my road bike ...

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