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    by Published on 09-23-2018 05:00 AM
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    CES 2013 Trip Reports (Win an iPad Mini!)-spie-photo-mask.jpg

    The amount of negative news and information about the semiconductor industry seems to be increasing at a faster rate. Micron put up a better quarter than expected but more importantly guided less than expected. We are surprised that the street is surprised as the decline in memory pricing is well known and Micron has been clear about it. It seems like investors and analysts may not be paying ...
    by Published on 09-21-2018 10:00 AM
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    Article: Apple Makes More on iPhone Than Samsung on Everything-broderson_efficiency.jpg

    The traditional metrics for evaluating IP are performance, power, and area, commonly abbreviated as PPA. Viewed independently, PPA measures can be difficult to assess. As an example, design constraints that are purely based on performance, without concern for the associated power dissipation and circuit area, are increasingly rare. There is a related set of characteristics of importance, especially given the increasing integration of SoC circuitry associated with ...
    by Published on 09-21-2018 05:00 AM
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    Article: Apple Makes More on iPhone Than Samsung on Everything-semiwiki_pcb.jpg

    This is the sixteenth in the series of "20 Questions with Wally Rhines"

    Electronic design automation (EDA) began and grew with the integrated circuit (IC) design business probably because IC design grew in complexity faster than printed circuit boards. ...
    by Published on 09-20-2018 10:00 AM
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    Article: Mobile SoCs: Two Cores are Better Than Four?-caption.jpg

    Pipelining exploits parallelism of sub-processes with intent to achieve a performance gain that otherwise is not possible. A design technique initially embraced at the CPU micro-architectural level, it is achieved by overlapping the execution of previously segregated processor instructions --commonly referred as stages or segments. Pipelining ...
    by Published on 09-20-2018 05:00 AM
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    Article: Apple Makes More on iPhone Than Samsung on Everything-effiecient-noc-safety-management-asil-d-min.jpg

    The ISO 26262 standard defines four Automotive Safety Integrity Levels (ASILs), from A to D, technically measures of risk rather than safety mechanisms, of which ASIL-D is the highest. ASIL-D represents a failure potentially causing severe or fatal ...
    by Published on 09-19-2018 10:00 AM
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    Article: Apple Makes More on iPhone Than Samsung on Everything-figure.jpg

    A robust, proven library of IP is a critical enabler for the entire semiconductor ecosystem. Without it, ASIC design is pretty much impossible, given time-to-market pressures. Said another way, designing IP for your next chip simply doesn’t fit the schedule – most ...
    by Published on 09-19-2018 05:00 AM
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    How to know,calculate the Cox,mobility values from model files-energy-vs-voltage-min.jpg

    This blog is the synthesis of a white paper “New Power Management IP Solution from Dolphin Integration can dramatically increase SoC Energy Efficiency”, which can be found on Dolphin Integration web site.

    The power consumption generated by complex chips was not a real issue when the system could be simply plugged in the wall to receive electricity. The most ...
    by Published on 09-18-2018 10:00 AM
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    Article: Mobile SoCs: Two Cores are Better Than Four?-tsmc-towerjazz-mentor-min.jpg

    Reliability of ICs isn't a new thing, because back in 1980 I was investigating why a DRAM chip using 6um technology was having yield loss due to electromigration effects. I recall looking through a microscope at a DRAM layout and slowly ramping up the Vdd level then suddenly the shiny aluminum interconnect started to change colors and actually bubble because of the high currents, then the metal evaporated. We never could identify ...
    by Published on 09-18-2018 05:00 AM
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    Article: Over-under: Apple, 52M iPhones in 4Q-fortune-teller-min.jpeg

    Check this webinar out – Mediatek will share a novel approach to early IR drop estimation. Competition in system design has become even more intense because potential markets are huge and there are more players with deep pockets chasing those markets. Wherever you ...
    by Published on 09-17-2018 05:00 AM
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    Article: Apple Makes More on iPhone Than Samsung on Everything-globalfoundries-umc.jpg

    One of the interesting rumors in Taiwan last week was the possibility that UMC and GF will do a deal to merge or UMC will buy some GF fabs. I have talked to quite a few industry experts about it and will talk to more this week at the GSA US Executive Forum (more at the end). The US Executive Forum is what they call a C Level event which means it is invitation only and expensive.

    This year’s program looks very good. Notice the heavy AI emphasis, as I have said many times before AI ...

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