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    by Published on 03-19-2018 10:00 AM
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    Article Preview

    FPGAs have been used for ASIC prototyping since the beginning of FPGAs (1980s) allowing hardware and software designers to work in harmony developing, testing, and optimizing their products. We covered the history of FPGAs in Chapter 3 of our book “Fabless: The Transformation of the Semiconductor Industry”, which ...
    by Published on 03-19-2018 05:00 AM
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    Article: Online Schematic Capture and SPICE Circuit Simulation-jpl-nasa-photo-credit.jpg

    Given the recent Qualcomm drama I thought it would be interesting to update our deep dive history of QCOM from our book "Mobile Unleashed". First I will publish the Chapter here then we can update it with the Apple and Broadcom drama in future blogs.

    Chapter 9: Press ‘Q’ to Connect
    by Published on 03-18-2018 05:00 AM
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    Article: Online Schematic Capture and SPICE Circuit Simulation-don-t-believe-hype-about-ai-business.jpg

    To borrow a punch line from Duke professor Dan Ariely, artificial intelligence is like teenage sex: “Everyone talks about it, nobody really knows how to do it, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so everyone claims they are doing it.” Even though AI systems can now learn a game and beat champions within hours, ...
    by Published on 03-16-2018 12:00 PM
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    CATIA Wiki-slide2.jpg

    The most viewed blogs I write for SemiWiki are consistently blogs comparing the four leading edge logic producers, GLOBALFOUNDRIES (GF), Intel, Samsung (SS) and TSMC. Since the last time I compared the leading edge new data has become available and several new processes have been introduced. In this blog I will update the current status.
    by Published on 03-16-2018 10:00 AM
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    SIMULIA Wiki-self-driving-car-catch-22-road-5g.jpg

    In the novel “Catch-22” from which the eponymous 1970 movie was made we learn of a fictional bureaucratic means by which the U.S. Air Force was able to keep bomber pilots (who might be going crazy) from successfully requesting a release from flying missions based on a medical evaluation. The rationale behind this supposed “catch” ...
    by Published on 03-16-2018 05:00 AM
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    Article: Tech Forum, February 5, features 32/28-, 20-, 14-, and 10-nanometer processes-caption2-min.jpg

    The second panel is about system coverage and big data. Coverage metrics have been used to gauge the quality of verification efforts during development. At system level, there are still no standardized metrics to measure full coverage. The emergence of PSS, better formal verification, enhanced emulation and prototyping techniques ...
    by Published on 03-15-2018 10:00 AM
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    ENOVIA Wiki-computer-vision-markets-min.jpg

    Computer vision as a research topic has been around since the 1960's and we are enjoying the benefits of this work in modern-day products all around us as robots with computer vision are performing an increasing number of tasks, even our farmers are using computer vision systems to become more productive:

    • AgEagle® has a drone that takes aerial images to create a geo-tagged layout of the land
    by Published on 03-15-2018 05:00 AM
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    Dassault Systemes Webinars Wiki-neural-net-types-min.jpg

    Machine learning (ML), and neural nets (NNs) as a subset of ML, are blossoming in all sorts of applications, not just in the cloud but now even more at the edge. We can now find them in our phones, in our cars, even in IoT applications. We have all seen applications for intelligent ...
    by Published on 03-14-2018 10:00 AM
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    Article: Are you good at identifying languages? Win an iPad-automotive-min.jpg

    My first car was a used 1971 Volvo 142 and probably did not contain more than a handful of transistors. I used to joke that it could easily survive the EMP from a nuclear explosion. Now, of course, cars contain dozens or more processors, DSP’s and other chips containing ...
    by Published on 03-14-2018 05:00 AM
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    DRAFTSIGHT Wiki-ramy-min.jpg

    One of the more interesting parts of blogging for SemiWiki is getting to know emerging EDA and IP companies from around the world. As I have mentioned before, there are some incredibly intelligent people in the fabless semiconductor ecosystem solving very complex problems. It is a two way exchange of course since we know the market for their products intimately through our work on SemiWiki ...

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