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    by Published on 02-15-2019 11:00 AM
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    2. Automotive
    Article: Aldec Delivers Leading Verification Methodologies!-car-sharing-prophets-losses.jpg

    Industry analysts are fond of painting terrifying pictures of catastrophic market changes resulting from disruptive technologies or business models. Nowhere is this more evident, of late, than in the automotive industry where everything from artificial intelligence to automated driving is expected to upend current thinking about transportation.

    A recent Bloomberg headline says it ...
    by Published on 02-15-2019 06:00 AM
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    3. Synopsys
    Article: Apple and Samsung Do It Again-accelerators-socs.jpg

    SOC designers face choices when it comes to choosing how to implement algorithms in their designs. Moving them to hardware usually offers advantages of smaller area, less power and faster processing. Witness the migration of block chain hashing from CPUs to ASICs. However, ...
    by Published on 02-14-2019 11:00 AM
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    Article: Apple and Samsung Do It Again-dvcon_us-min.jpg

    Today I had the pleasure to speak with Tom Fitzpatrick, TPC Chair for the DVCon conference and exhibition slated for February 25-28 in the heart of Silicon Valley - San Jose. Tom lives in Massachusetts, a place where I used to live and work at Wang Labs, back in the day before the PC and WordPerfect software ended Wang's fortunes. We swapped stories about the first Personal Computers, and computer languages starting from BASIC all the way up to Python.

    DVCon spans four days, so ...
    by Published on 02-14-2019 06:00 AM
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    5. 5G
    Article: Apple and Samsung Do It Again-ansys_designcon19_5g_0.jpg

    In an ANSYS seminar held at DesignCon 2019, Dr. Larry Williams, ANSYS Director of Technology, outlined how 5G design innovation can be accelerated through simulation. He posited that 5G will become a general-purpose technology that affects an entire economy, drastically alter societies and unleash a cascade of complementary innovations (*).

    For starters, advanced simulation can help 5G in the analysis of advanced antennas, data processing, ...
    by Published on 02-13-2019 11:00 AM
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    Article: Apple and Samsung Do It Again-memory-spend.jpg

    In January 2019, the memory market has been hit with a significant amount of negative news.

    • On Jan. 15, DRAM manufacturer Nanya Technology reported its Q4 2018 revenue was $551 million, down 30.4% QoQ.
    • On Jan. 24, 2019, SK Hynix reported Q4 2018 earnings. Revenues fell 13.7% QoQ to $8.7 billion,
    by Published on 02-13-2019 06:00 AM
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    Article: Apple's Ma Bell Moment-marathon-min.jpeg

    I always enjoy surprising synergies so I was immediately attracted to a Research Highlight in the Communications of the ACM this month, on a game-theoretic method to balance discretionary speed-ups (known as computational sprints) in data centers. If you don’t ...
    by Published on 02-12-2019 06:00 AM
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    8. 5G
    Article: Apple and Samsung Do It Again-mmwave-delivers-5g-promises.jpg

    5G is in the news again. Sprint has mounted a legal challenge against ATT, claiming that ATT is misleading people into believing that they already are offering 5G. While ATT is about to start testing of 5G, they have also sent out updates that causes customer phones to ...
    by Published on 02-11-2019 11:00 AM
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    Article: Aldec Delivers Leading Verification Methodologies!-tortugalogic_dvcon_ad.jpg

    One of the semiconductor topics that keeps me up at night is security. We track security related topics on SemiWiki and while the results are encouraging, we still have a very long way to go. Over the last three years we have published 148 security related blogs that have garnered a little ...
    by Published on 02-11-2019 06:00 AM
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    Article: Synopsys Magma Acquisition Stock Trading Under Investigation?-samsung-256kb-dram-wafer.jpg

    From our book "Mobile Unleashed", this is a detailed history of Samsung semiconductor:

    Conglomerates are the antithesis of focus, and Samsung is the quintessential chaebol. From humble beginnings in 1938 as a food exporter, Samsung endured the turmoil and aftermath of two major wars while diversifying and expanding. Its early businesses included sugar refining, construction, textiles, insurance, retail, and other lines mostly under the Cheil and Samsung names.
    by Published on 02-06-2019 06:00 AM
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    2. Artificial Intelligence
    Design Management software: RTDA FlowTracer/NetworkComputer vs. free comparison?-godel-min.jpeg

    Scanning ACM tech news recently, I came across a piece that spoke to my inner nerd; I hope it will appeal to some of you also. The discovery will have no impact on markets or investments or probably anyone outside theories ...

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