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    by Published on 06-20-2018 02:00 PM
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    CES 2013 Trip Reports (Win an iPad Mini!)-hot-2018-banner-ad-400x400.jpg

    The Design Automation Conference (DAC), now in its 55th year, always offers a lively mix of activities. For EDA vendors and their customers, the focus is on the exhibit floor and in booth suites where the latest technology is on display. For R&D ...
    by Published on 06-20-2018 09:00 AM
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    Article: Is the RTL Design Flow Broken?-vigyan-min.jpg

    If you read around topics in advanced formal verification you’re likely to run into something called Wolper coloring, or what Vigyan Singhal (Chief Oski at Oski) calls the Wolper method. Many domains have specialized techniques but what’s surprising in this instance is a seeming absence ...
    by Published on 06-20-2018 04:00 AM
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    Article: Is the RTL Design Flow Broken?-tsmc-dac-oip-schedule.jpg

    The TSMC OIP DAC Theater schedule is finalized and ready to go. It kicks off Monday at 10:15 am in booth #1629 and ends with a raffle at 5:45 pm each day (Mon-Tue-Wed) TSMC gives out some very nice prizes so check in with the TSMC booth staff when you arrive. There are 66 coveted presentation ...
    by Published on 06-19-2018 10:00 AM
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    Article: Is the RTL Design Flow Broken?-fast-read.jpg

    During the design cycle as tape out approaches, time pressure usually goes up dramatically. To make matters worse the design itself is much larger, because all the block level work is done and there is a requirement to work with the entire database. ...
    by Published on 06-19-2018 05:00 AM
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    Article: Is the RTL Design Flow Broken?-ip-library-fmea-min.jpg

    In the course of building my understanding of functional safety, particularly with respect to ISO 26262, I have developed a better understanding of the design methods used to mitigate safety problems and the various tools and techniques ...
    by Published on 06-18-2018 10:00 AM
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    Article: Is the RTL Design Flow Broken?-qualcomm-litigation-prediction-1-1.jpg

    The recent (since 2016) news about Apple, China, FTC and other organizations positioning in respect with IP are concerning, as it seems indicating that Intellectual Property in general (Design IP and Technology IP) is at risk. Let’s consider several facts through different cases, involving ARM, Qualcomm, Imagination ...
    by Published on 06-18-2018 05:00 AM
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    Article: Battling SoCs: QCOM vs NVDA vs Samsung-fractal-wp.jpg

    In case you missed it, Fractal is now officially part of the TSMC EDA Alliance. Fractal Crossfire is the leading IP and Library QA tool used by TSMC and many of TSMC’s customers so this is for the greater IP good, absolutely. Fractal has also released a new white paper ...
    by Published on 06-17-2018 05:00 AM
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    Most of the re-spins are due to Functional defects?-our-autonomous-moonshot.jpg

    Keynoting the TU-Automotive event in Novi, Mich., last week on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy I took the occasion to note the lofty visions to which Robert and his brother, President John F. Kennedy, aspired. We face our ...
    by Published on 06-15-2018 10:00 AM
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    Which way the semiconductor industry is going?-energy-world-min-l2l.jpg

    Design IP is going well, with 12% YoY growth in 2017, even if the market is about $3.5B. But Design IP is serving a $400B semiconductor market. Can you imagine the future of the semi market if the chip makers couldn’t have access to Design IP? The same is true for EDA: it’s a niche market (CAE revenues was about ...
    by Published on 06-15-2018 05:00 AM
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    2. Wally Rhines

    This is the second in the series of "20 Questions with Wally Rhines":

    At 8am on my first day of graduate school at Stanford, I joined the “Structure of Materials” class taught by Craig Barrett, the youngest faculty member in the Materials ...

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