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  • Synopsys Journal, now on Itunes

    Synopsys Journal is a quarterly publication for management dedicated to covering the latest issues facing designers today. It has been published now for two and a half years. Of course, you can go here and, once registered, get a copy of the journal.

    But people don't have a lot of time to read a journal like this so it has been available since the start of last year in an audio form too. And you can now subscribe to it on iTunes so it will just simply appear in the podcast section of your iTunes, and (if you have things set up right) get synced to your iPod, iPhone and/or iPad so you can listen to it in the gym or in your car during time when there aren't too many other things that you can be doing other than listening to something.

    To subscribe to the Synopsys journal on iTunes click here.

    The current issue covers Intellectual property (IP). IP is no longer a "nice to have" for chip design. You cannot hope to design a complex chip, and be competitive, without using IP. In this issue, Synopsys takes a look at how the IP market has matured, how design teams are deploying IP today, and put down some markers for the future. Rich Wawrzyniak, Analyst with Semico Research Corporation, sees a future where design teams integrate complete SoCs as subsystems in much the same way as they use IP blocks today. Dr. Seh-Woong Jeong, Executive Vice President for Systems LSI at Samsung Electronics Co., explains how his teams balance the tensions between time-to-market and quality with the knowledge that it now takes almost as long to develop a complex IP blocks as it does the chip itself. And Joachim Kunkel, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Synopsys Solutions Groups, puts forward a case for IP as an enabling technology for businesses that want to innovate through SoC design. In iTunes, each of these interviews is a separate track (or "tune" in iTunes parlance, although in this context that is quite amusing).

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