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  • Webinar: Getting to Accurate Power Estimates Earlier and Faster

    Power has become a very important metric in modern designs – for mobile and IoT devices which must live on a battery charge for days or years, for datacenters where power costs can be as significant as capital costs, and for increasingly unavoidable regulatory reasons. But accurate power estimation on a design must start from an implementation with detailed gate-level representation and realistic interconnect values and requires gate-level simulation data which can take days or weeks to produce. That’s good for signoff but it can be too late to guide design changes if the power target is missed.

    Article: Andy Bryant Will Now Lead Intel Into The Foundry Era-power-meter-min.jpeg

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    One way to attack this problem is to do power estimation at RTL which has advantages in flexibility but is quite a bit less accurate that gate-level estimation and is certainly not suitable for signoff. A different approach, better suited to accurate estimation, is to continue to work with the implemented gate-level netlist, but to use readily available RTL simulation data together with a mechanism to infer corresponding gate-level activity from that data. This is what you can have using Synopsys PowerReplay together with Synopsys PrimeTime PX. This webinar will show you how that can be done.

    REGISTER NOW for this Webinar on June 1st at 10am PDT