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  • Webinar - Next Generation DDRM Needs, Solutions

    Iím a believer in product life-cycle management (PLM) for semiconductor design. Itís not an attention-grabbing topic like faster verification or improved PPA in implementation, but now massive IP-based design is routine, IPís are sourced from multiple suppliers each cycling though multiple revisions and now that design activity is distributed all over the world, not managing the lifecycle tightly is an invitation to disaster.

    Article: Semiconductor market negative in 2012-sdlc-min.jpeg

    REGISTER HERE for the Webinar on Thursday, May 18th at 8:30am PDT

    One particularly important aspect of PLM in the design cycle is Design Data and Release Management (DDRM). Dassault Systemes/Consensia is well-known for its DesignSync solution, a product of long pedigree used extensively at most of the major semis. It provides end-to-end design chain data management for both hardware and software designs and what they call a single source of truth (SSoT) for your entire work-in-progress IP portfolio. And it spans the major design frameworks, including Eclipse and Microsoft Visual Studio for software design and Cadence and Synopsys for digital/custom/analog/AMS design.

    Whether you use DesignSync today or not, this webinar should provide you with a valuable update on how leading-edge design teams are pushing DDRM to meet their needs and how they are integrating solutions like this with tooling, including with other DDM repositories.

    REGISTER HERE for the Webinar on Thursday, May 18th at 8:30am PDT

    This webinar, hosted by Consensia, a channel partner of Dassault Systemes, and moderated by Daniel Nenni of, will be of interest to anyone involved in AMS or ASIC/SOC design or undertaking system administration for AMS and digital design teams. In this first of a series of webinars on Synchronicity DesignSync, youíll see how it provides the most comprehensive, scalable and efficient solution for revision control, automated SOC/IP release management and IP management. Youíll learn about the how DesignSync makes multi-site project setup and administration easy and fast, how caching reduces storage and improves designer productivity, how DesignSync is used as an IP management hub to publish SOC Bill of IP, how it manages other DDM repositories, interoperability with other EDA tools and much more. Whether you are an existing DesignSync user or want to find out more about DesignSync, register today for this webinar.