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  • How to Design a Custom SoC with Analog, webinar from ARM and Tanner EDA

    Leading edge SoC designs can contain billions of transistors, cost over $10M to design, and take over 18 months to deliver, but not all SoCs require that much complexity, cost and time. In fact, there is a growing class of SoC designs that integrate the popular ARM Cortex-M0 processor along with analog blocks that work with sensors to serve markets like industrial and IoT. ARM and Tanner EDA (Mentor Graphics) have teamed up to deliver a webinar next week on this timely topic that I'll be attending and blogging about.
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    Custom SoCs are the new vogue: Analog is becoming smart, and there is a new wave of custom SoCs integrating analog and digital to create smaller, lower-cost products.

    In this webinar, attendees will learn how custom SoCs are helping OEMs and analog silicon providers alike create smarter, smaller and lower cost products. Attendees will then learn how they can use Tanner AMS tools to combine their analog sensor with an ARM Cortex-M0 processor to create a custom SoC. We will cover mixed signal simulation of the analog block with a digital interface module, then connect that module to the Cortex-M0s AMBA Advanced Peripheral Bus. Finally well create a test program and simulate analog, digital, and software together.

    What You Will Learn
    • How custom SoCs are helping OEMs and analog silicon providers alike create smarter, smaller and lower cost products
    • How to perform mixed signal simulation
    • How to integrate a custom analog component into the ARM AMBA Advanced Peripheral Bus (APB)
    • How to write and compile simple firmware to test the integration

    Who Should Attend

    • Analog designer
    • Mixed signal designer
    • Engineering manager

    About the Presenters
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    Jeff Miller is a lead strategist and manages Tanner's analog and mixed signal product lines at Mentor Graphics. Jeff started as an engineer at Tanner Research in 2002 and became product manager of Tanner EDA in 2007.

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    Phil Burr is a senior product marketing manager in ARMs CPU group. He leads a team responsible for ARM's established CPU portfolio, helping ensure that these processors enable new and existing partners to innovate.

    You may register online for the replay HERE: