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  • CEVA Webinar: Vision Based Autonomous Driving

    CEVA Webinar “Challenges of Vision Based Autonomous Driving & Facilitation of An Embedded Neural Network Platform” will be held on November 16th and will address one of the hottest topics today in our industry, probably the hottest in the automotive industry as all the players are working hard on autonomous vehicles.

    The automotive market is seeing accelerated growth and rapid adoption of vision applications that will lead the way to autonomous vehicles. The solutions based on artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms to identify objects were limited to research labs just a couple of years ago.

    Why does deep learning and convolutional neural network (CNN) have exit the labs and be adopted by the automotive industry, Tier-1 suppliers and OEM? Deep learning is requiring a great amount of high performance processing and the new technologies like 16 nm (or below, 10 or 7 nm) allow targeting one chip solution; that’s the first reason. But the second reason and probably the most crucial is linked with deep learning performance improvements: it’s only since 2015 that the imageNet error rate is better than human performance, see below.

    Article: SOI need a large IP Ecosystem, 100% Reliable Novocell NVM IP is now part of IBM SOI 32nm ecosystem-performance-deep-learning-cnn-impact.jpg

    CEVA is offering CEVA-XM6 vision processor, an efficient HW and SW platform that is optimized for CNN workloads and other deep learning approaches. You can learn more about CEVA-XM6 HERE.

    To register, use this webinar link.

    During this webinar you will hear about:
    • Challenges of ADAS and vision based autonomous driving
    • CEVA’s 5th generation deep learning embedded platform based on the CEVA-XM6 vision processor
    • Implementing low power machine vision solutions using the CEVA Deep Neural Network (CDNN) toolkit
    • Free space detection utilizing AdasWorks drive 2.0 SW implemented on CEVA’s imaging and vision platform

    The webinar will be held by deep learning experts, from CEVA and the automotive industry:
    Liran Bar
    Director of Product Marketing, Imaging & Vision, CEVA

    Jeff VanWashenova
    Director of Automotive Segment Marketing, CEVA

    Arpad Takacs
    Outreach Scientist, AdasWorks

    Again, to register for the CEVA Webinar (November 16th at 10 am PST 1pm EST) "Challenges of Vision Based Autonomous Driving & Facilitation of An Embedded Neural Network Platform” use this webinar link.

    CEVA is the leading licensor of signal processing IP for a smarter, connected world. We partner with semiconductor companies and OEMs worldwide to create power-efficient, intelligent and connected devices for a range of end markets, including mobile, consumer, automotive, industrial and IoT. Our ultra-low-power IPs for vision, audio, communications and connectivity include comprehensive DSP-based platforms for LTE/LTE-A/5G baseband processing in handsets, infrastructure and machine-to-machine devices, computer vision and computational photography for any camera-enabled device, audio/voice/speech and ultra-low power always-on/sensing applications for multiple IoT markets. For connectivity, we offer the industry’s most widely adopted IPs for Bluetooth (Smart and Smart Ready), Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n/ac up to 4x4) and serial storage (SATA and SAS).