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  • GLOBALFOUNDRIES 28nm Design Ecosystem!

    GLOBALFOUNDRIES will show off its 28nm design ecosystem at #48DAC next week in San Diego. The company will feature a full design ecosystem for its 28nm High-k Metal Gate (HKMG) technology, including silicon-validated flows, process design kits (PDKs), design-for-manufacturing (DFM), and intellectual property (IP) in partnership with industry leaders. 28nm is the second node of HKMG production for GFI with 32nm AMD Llano dice already in the field. CPU’s and GPU’s are the most difficult designs to manufacture and Llano is both.

    “We have been in production of real HKMG products for months,” said Mojy Chian, senior vice president of design enablement at GLOBALFOUNDRIES. “We have been leveraging this experience by collaborating with ecosystem partners to build this knowledge into the design infrastructure and tools we provide to customers at 28nm. This focus on early design-technology co-optimization and silicon validation will translate to accelerated time-to-market for the next generation of power-sensitive consumer electronics and mobile devices.”

    Top Ten Reasons
    Why You Should Visit GLOBALFOUNDRIES at DAC

    Okay, 10 is a little much so here are my:

    Top Three Reasons
    Why You Should Visit GLOBALFOUNDRIES at DAC

    1. Processor Cores (ARM)
    2. 28nm SLP
    3. Foundation IP (ARM) and DRC+

    Per Eric Esteve’s article on ARM and GlobalFoundries: a key relationship in the future: Although there has been always a strong relationship between ARM and GlobalFoundries, it is interesting to notice that Intel has helped to boost it and make it even stronger.……

    The mobile internet craze continues to drive semiconductor growth and who owns the heart and soul of mobile internet? That would be ARM. Bundle that with a Gate-First HKMG low power process (longest battery life), high yielding foundation IP, and the hottest DFM program (DRC+) and you get a superior price/performance/power mobile platform. Just my opinion of course.

    Will ARM processors continue to dominate the mobile internet craze? In a keynote address at Computex in Taiwan, ARM President Tudor Brown said, “Today we have about 10 percent market share [in mobile PCs]. By the end of 2011 we believe we will have about 15 percent of that market share as tablets grow. By 2015, we expect that to be over 50 percent of the mobile PC market.” If I was a gambler, which I am, I would not bet against ARM on this one.

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