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  • Sagantec 2 Migrate iPad2s @ #48DAC

    Sagantec is the leading EDA provider of process migration solutions for custom IC design. Sagantec's EDA solutions enable IC designers to leverage their investment in existing physical design IP and accomplish dramatic time and effort savings in the implementation of custom, analog, mixed-signal and memory circuits in advanced process technologies.

    These solutions have been used commercially by tier-1 semiconductor companies, and have been proven to reduce layout time and effort by factors of 3x to 20x and enable dramatically faster introduction of IC products in new technology nodes.

    Apple does not allow iPad2 "giveaways" so Sagantec will be "migrating" iPad2s to a select few conference goers that register for If you are already registered for just stop by and check-in to qualify for the "migration".

    Sagantec at DAC 2011

    Featuring the following presentations and demos:

    Custom, analog and mixed-signal IP migration
    Migration to latest technologies: 40, 32 and 28nm migration
    Automatic PDK update, design rule changes, and DRC correction
    Standard cell library migration and optimization

    Custom, analog mixed-signal IP migration

    Migration of custom IP to next process node or different foundry
    Supporting all process technologies
    Maintain and enforce geometric constraints like symmetry, matching, alignments, etc.
    Maintain original design hierarchy and structure
    Support Cadence Virtuosoģ IC5 and IC6 database
    Support Pcells and all other Virtuoso data objects
    Check out analog IP migration success story

    Migration to latest technologies (including 28nm)

    Sagantec migration technology has been used and proven down to 28nm
    Overcoming topology and device changes
    Overcoming new restrictive design rules
    Used an proven on multiple designs
    Check out new 28nm migration success story article

    PDK and design rule changes
    Adjusting layout to new PDK and design rule changes
    Swap between Pcells and PDKs
    Update new design rule values
    Automatic correction of DRC errors
    Implement recommended DFM rules without changing layout foot-print
    For custom, analog/ mixed-signal blocks and IP
    For large digital blocks and full chips
    Check out new PDK adjustment success story article

    Standard Cell Library Migration & Optimization

    Migrate, modify and optimize standard cell libraries in the most advanced technologies
    Migrate libraries to next technology node or between foundries
    Supports topology and routing changes (e.g. for 28nm and 22nm)
    Create new library derivatives (HS, LP, etc)
    Analyze and optimize libraries for yield

    Process migration Change #tracks