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  • Preview of International CES 2016

    Monday, January 4, 2016, Las Vegas, Nevada
    Today I attended CES Unveiled, which offers a sneak peak at some of the new products being introduced at International CES 2016. The Internet of Things (IoT) has been hyped as a key driver of electronics market growth over the next few years. There were plenty of examples at CES Unveiled. Numerous "smart" products were on display. Some of these products seemed questionable as to whether they were of any practical use. Others were innovative and solved real problems.

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    The "smart" products included a toothbrush, shower head, tennis racket, shoe, remote control, steering wheel, piano, ceiling fan and smoke alarm battery. A Fridge Cam allowed you to use your smartphone remotely to see what was in your fridge so you could buy what was missing (unless your spouse moved stuff around). Two separate products promised to stimulate hair growth (below). Some of the booths looked like late night TV infomercials.

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    The CES Innovation Awards included several products which were not only innovative but practical. Ricoh introduced a camera which captures 360 degree scenes.

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    Deeper introduced a wireless fish finder which works with your smartphone. My brother-in-law would love this.

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    HP introduced an all-in-one PC which features a curved, panoramic monitor. This could replace multiple monitors in many applications.

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    Two products from related companies offer relief of pain and discomfort. Quell's device for chronic pain claims 86% satisfaction from users. The device is worn on the thigh and works primarily for back, leg and feet pain.

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    Reliefband is a device worn on the wrist to relieve nausea due to motion sickness, pregnancy, chemotherapy and other causes. The device emits gentle electrical pulses which work with the body's nervous system to relieve nausea. Both of these products are consumer versions of proven medical technology.

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    These are but a small sampling of the products which will be introduced at CES 2016. I will provide daily updates through Thursday, January 7 on my website at