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  • 3 Self-Service Semiconductor Design and Manufacturing Wins!

    As the semiconductor consolidation continues and thousands of semiconductor professionals update their LinkedIn profiles, the march to create new silicon opportunities is increasing at a rapid pace. It is 1980s deja vu all over again when the fabless business model reenergized the semiconductor industry and brought affordable electronics to our homes and hands.

    One of the leading enablers for the coming onslaught of wearable, IoT, robotic, autonomous, virtual reality, security, etc designs is an automated online secure environment that provides a self-service, transparent, accurate, real-time experience from IC design through volume ASIC production. Im talking about the STAR online design virtualization platform of course. STAR helps you manage complexity and make the right decisions on your ASIC journey from concept to volume production, absolutely.

    Article: The Apple and VMWare Alliance Threatens Microsoft (and Fabless ARM Camp)-star-navigator-users.jpg

    The eSilicon STAR platform is closing in on 1,000 users (think design starts). These folks have explored many IP and prototyping and production tape-out options, several thousand in all. The 24/7, transparent experience offered by the platform is starting to change the way folks do business. Here are three examples:

    A small startup found the eSilicon STAR platform through a Google search last year in late December - during eSilicon's year-end shutdown. This company ran several MPW prototype scenarios with MPW Explorer over the shutdown period, and made one phone call to eSilicon to get clarification on a technical question. One phone call. A few days after New Year's, they sent a signed contract. eSilicon closed a deal when no one was at work. This same company got their MPW prototypes and things went well from there with their end customer. They then generated a production tapeout quote with GDSII Explorer, signed the quote and taped out three weeks later. This startup used the data provided by eSilicon's STAR platform to build their business plan.

    Another startup booked an MPW run through MPW Explorer with no verbal communication at all. The entire deal was booked online. Another startup registered for a STAR account and committed an MPW run 90 minutes later. No phone calls. No human interaction at all.

    eSilicon recently booked a tapeout deal with a large design services organization. This company had set up a STAR account and generated a quote with GDSII Explorer for their end customer before they ever spoke with anyone at eSilicon.

    Self-service semiconductor design and manufacturing is becoming real...

    The STAR Navigator tool allows you to quickly search, compare, and evaluate IP online to find the eSilicon memories and I/Os that best meet your chips power, performance, or area (PPA) targets and transparently access key data without navigating complex documentation or engaging in time-consuming evaluation processes.

    Article: The Apple and VMWare Alliance Threatens Microsoft (and Fabless ARM Camp)-esiliconbanner.jpg