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  • Make Semiconductor IP Reuse Successful?

    As I have mentioned before, Apple has changed the way we live on many different levels (iPod, iTunes, iPhone, iPad, etc…) and the Apple Ax SoC series is no different. You have to ask yourself how is Apple able to churn out a new industry leading SoC EVERY year? I can assure you design reuse is a big part of that answer.

    One of the companies I have had the pleasure of working closely with on SemiWiki since we started 3+ years ago (has it really been that long?) is ClioSoft. You can check their SemiWiki landing page HERE. One of the things I greatly appreciate about ClioSoft is their generosity and this is yet another example.

    Article: Synopsys at DVCon: tutorial, lunch, keynote, exhibits and more-cliosoft-design-reuse-contest-jpg

    Just in time for Christmas, ClioSoft will be giving away $25 Amazon gift cards and some amazing prizes to semiconductor professionals that participate in a design reuse survey of sorts. ClioSoft would like your input on what YOU think needs to be done to make IP reuse work and why it needs to be done. What problems have you run into or heard about? What do you think should be done to make design reuse work more efficiently? A simple paragraph will do. They even provide some examples from ClioSoft customers:

    “During IP selection, I should be able to quickly determine the quality of an IP very easily. To gain better confidence, I should also be able to check its lineage to see the SoCs which have taped out using the IP. An insight into the open issues against an IP would be a definite plus.”

    “One of the biggest challenges with using different models of an IP is to ensure all members of your design team - software, verification, RTL developers, physical implementation - are using the same version of the IP. From an SoC integration standpoint, it would be useful to recieve updates on an IP and based on the issues fixed, determine whether the new update of the IP should be incorporated into the SoC design.“

    “I think we need to move beyond the current definition of an IP. We should consider existing flow methodologies, regression methods, scripts as IPs as well. If someone in the company has created a working flow for a 16nm technology, why not leverage it in the other design groups.”

    What you need to do to win!
    It is quite simple really!! What problems have you run into or heard about? What do you anticipate? Tell us in your own words what would make design reuse easier and more effective within a company and you will automatically be entered into ALL weekly drawings for a prize. To inspire you to write, we have listed above, some of the things our customers have told us. And to motivate you, we are even offering a $25 Amazon Gift Card for the first 25 valid entries.

    It really is that simple, just enter your response in 200 words or less and get a chance to win one of the prizes pictured above. The contest ends December 22nd so do not delay. SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY HERE!

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