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  • The Only DM Platform Integrated with All Major Analog and Custom IC Design Flows

    Article: Apple Will Nudge Prices Down in 2012: PC Market Will Collapse-slot-cars.jpgAs I have mentioned before, Cliosoft is the biggest little company in EDA with the most talked about products on SemiWiki. At DAC, ClioSoft will introduce integrated SOS design management (DM) solutions providing revision control, design management and multi-site team collaboration for Aglient Technologies’ Advanced Design System (ADS) Software and Mentor Graphics’ Pyxis flow. SOS is now seamlessly integrated into all major analog, RF and custom IC design flows:

    • Agilent ADS
    • Cadence Virtuoso®
    • Mentor Pyxis
    • Synopsys Laker™
    • Synopsys Custom Designer

    In booth #2125 ClioSoft is replacing its popular poker game with slot car racing. As much as I like playing poker, slot car racing brings me back to my childhood so I'm looking forward to it. Maybe next year I can get them to install a massive HO scale train set? My brothers and I spent hours and hours playing with model trains.

    Here is what customers are saying about Cliosoft products on SemiWiki:
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    And don't forget the DM chapter in the Cadence book:
    Mixed-Signal Methodology Guide: Design Management

    Can you believe this is #50DAC!?!?! I have been to more than half of them (29 to be exact) and will be in Austin for this one too. Funny DAC story, I took my new bride to the 1985 DAC in Las Vegas, my second DAC. We stayed at the MGM and partied quite a bit with the different EDA vendors. I worked for Data General at the time so I had invites to all of the parties. On the way home, as our blood alcohol level went back to 0.00, my wife said to me "So this is what you chose as a career? EDA? Really?" True story. You can ask her about it in Austin because she will be there too.

    ClioSoft is the premier developer of hardware configuration management (HCM) solutions. The company's SOS Design Collaboration platform is built from the ground up to handle the requirements of hardware design flows. The SOS platform provides a sophisticated multi-site development environment that enables global team collaboration, design and IP reuse, and efficient management of design data from concept through tape-out. Custom engineered adaptors seamlessly integrate SOS with leading design flows – Agilent’s Advanced Design System (ADS), Cadence’s Virtuoso® Custom IC, Mentor’s Pyxis Custom IC Design, Synopsys’ Galaxy Custom Designer and Laker™ Custom Design. The Visual Design Diff (VDD) engine enables designers to easily identify changes between two versions of a schematic or layout or the entire design hierarchy below by graphically highlighting the differences directly in the editors.

    Article: Apple Will Nudge Prices Down in 2012: PC Market Will Collapse-900x108_semiwiki.gif