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  • Cadence ♥ ClioSoft!

    SMIC question-cadence-ams-book.jpgTaking a look at the coveted presentation slots at the CDNLive Conference next month you will see a presentation on Data Management for Mixed-Signal Designs by one of my favorite EDA companies, ClioSoft. Great software, great support, great people, and with customers that are willing to talk publicly about their tools and technology.

    Software teams have long used version control and data management systems and they have become an integral part of a software development environment. Practically, no software project, big or small, is started without a software configuration management (SCM) system and methodology in place. Hardware design teams can reap the same benefits by adapting software management techniques to hardware design flows. The paper focuses on how to significantly increase the productivity of analog-mixed signal design teams by improving communication and collaboration between team members and efficiently managing and sharing design data. The paper highlights the challenges of managing large design projects, the pitfalls of using traditional team design techniques and examines the best practices of deploying a design data management system to improve communication, remove bottlenecks, enable reuse, track issues, manage engineering change orders (ECO) and accelerate time to market.

    Proposed Takeaways :
    Why design teams should deploy a design data management system, what problems it will solve, and how it will improve team productivity and reduce the probability of requiring re-spins. Factors to consider while selecting and deploying a data management system. Best practices in efficiently sharing design data, enabling design reuse and managing last minute changes and ECOs.

    Daniel Payne did a nice "Brief History of ClioSoft" write-up HERE. You can also find candid ClioSoft customer's interviews Daniel did with Qualcomm, Rohde and Schwarz, Tower Jazz, Adesto, Synaptics, Tektronix, Mosys, Avnera, and Moortec.

    An even stronger sign of Cadence ♥ ClioSoft is the book Cadence published last year “Mixed-Signal Methodology Guide”. ClioSoft was asked by Cadence to contribute a complete chapter on Design Management. You can see a review of it HERE.

    Why did Cadence select you to write the chapter on design management?
    ClioSoft has been in the DM business since 1997 and has a large number of customers. We don’t exactly know why they picked us but we would like to think that Cadence had gotten some good feedback about us from their customer base. We pride ourselves on good customer support and try very hard to listen to our customers and provide them with solutions that enhance and streamline their processes. We hope that it is through our efforts that we were chosen to write for the book.

    The majority of the other CDNLive presentation slots are taken by the top semiconductor companies around the world so this is quite an honor for ClioSoft. It would not surprise me at all if ClioSoft was on the newly energized Cadence M&A list (hint hint).

    If you haven’t registered for CDNLive yet please do so HERE. You can see the full CDNLive agenda HERE. It will be a great conference, I hope to see you there!

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