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Fractal Technologies:Fractal Technologies Wiki

Fractal Technologies is a privately held company with offices in Campbell, California and Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The company was founded 1st Quarter 2010 by former ex Sagantec and Fenix DA experts as a spin off from Fenix Design Automation. When starting a company, one of the first questions is, what will be the name? To make a long story short, we do nothing with Fractals we just think itís a great logo with a Fractal in the background.

Fractal Technologies Wiki-fractal-logo-jpg

The scope of Fractal Technologies is to check concistency and validate all different dataformats used in your design and subsequently improve the Quality of your Standard Cell Libraries, IO and IP

Fractal Technologies offers Crossfire software as well as services and customization.

[top]What we can do for you

[top]Library/IP Validation report

Fractal Tech will perform all the validation needed to insure a robust Library/IP and will provide a report to its customers.

[top]Library/IP Design Flow checks consolidation and extension

Fractal Tech will deliver any type of scripts/code that its customers need to consolidate or extend their actual Design Flow checks. For examples:
  • Analyzing characterization data in liberty files.
  • Visualizing data in liberty files
  • Perform customer specific layout checks. E.g. Positions of pins.
  • ... more

[top]Crossfire-lib Software

Fractal Technologies is able to deliver crossfire-lib software and licenses to its customers, and will support them in their set up and usage effort. For new checks/feature requirement, Fractal Tech will offer it services to build these on top of the API of Crossfire-lib.
CrossFire Datasheet
Crossfire Check Table
... more

[top]QAtest Software: Organizing and running all your Quality Assurance tests

QATest is the ideal cockpit to easily organize and monitor your Quality Assurance activities, allowing the users to define and/or compute Unit Test and NRT (non-Regression Test) for all your existing or upcoming flows, development and process.
QAtest Datasheet

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