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    by Published on 07-18-2014 02:00 PM
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    2. Semiconductor Design

    The most interesting part of the semiconductor market for me has always been the Custom Chip sector – the FPGA, ASIC and SoC companies where I have spent my entire career. These three segments provide an excellent barometer of the overall state of financial health and technological innovation for the entire High Tech industry, from chips ...
    by Published on 07-17-2014 05:00 PM
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    2. General

    You will be hard pressed to attend a conference and NOT hear the term Big Data these days. What is Big Data? One example is the data SemiWiki has collected over the past 3.5 years while more than one million users have passed through our site. My summer project, with my daughter the math major, is to harness this massive pile of data and make something useful out of it, absolutely.

    The first interesting thing that I filtered out are the top viewed blogs from the past 3.5 years:

    For I have ...
    by Published on 07-10-2014 02:00 PM
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    3. Semiconductor IP

    When I started collecting my list of EDA mergers and acquisitions about 30 years ago, my objective was simply to determine the number of logos each EDA company owns. For that reason, I collected all the fish-eat-fish-eat-fish…. ...
    by Published on 07-10-2014 01:00 AM
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    2. Mobile

    First there were car phones and admittedly I waited in line to get one when they went mainstream. It was a Motorola something or other and it came with a curly antenna for the back window. From there I got a ...
    by Published on 07-06-2014 07:00 PM
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    I have to admit I, thus far, have been the ultimate Bitcoin cynic. Watching the price go from $2 in the fall of 2011 to $1132 in December 2013 was dizzying. It seemed reminiscent of Dutch tulip mania. A bitcoin that is not backed by anything physical such as gold, or by a government, strikes ...
    by Published on 07-06-2014 08:10 AM
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    2. Semiconductor Manufacturers

    At the beginning of the year, New Delhi’s outgoing government launched an initiative purported to drive the nation’s technology independence and reduce the current account deficit on electronics imports. The initiative describes a partnership between New Delhi and two industrial consortiums for the building of semiconductor manufacturing plants – one ...
    by Published on 07-05-2014 10:00 AM
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    2. General

    This post will be of primary interest to California residents.

    If you haven't looked closely at your PG&E bill, this may ruin your day. If you live in a house larger than a cracker box, and actually use your ...
    by Published on 07-05-2014 07:00 AM
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    2. General

    It was July 4th yesterday. Fireworks. I didn't go down to the waterfront to see them in San Francisco this year, I was in a "place" (that might possibly have served beer) having fun. But it reminded me of this a couple of years ago. On July 4th 2012 the San Diego fireworks display, one of the biggest in the world, detonated simultaneously. They fired every single thing at once, or within about 10 seconds. Luckily their protocols were such that everyone was locked down inside bunkers and nobody ...
    by Published on 07-04-2014 12:41 AM
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    2. General

    I've never been in sales. Never "carried a bag". But I have run sales forces and I have spent a lot of time in marketing, guiding sales forces. Well, herding cats comes to mind, but cats don't have commission plans. Engineers say sales people are emotional, and ego-driven, but change their commission plans and sales people turn on a dime. They reschedule their ...
    by Published on 07-02-2014 07:50 AM
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    3. Events

    This will probably end up being the most memorable DAC for us since Paul and I signed hundreds of copies of our book “Fabless: The Transformation of the Semiconductor Industry”. I’m not sure how we are going to top that next year but I’m confident we will think of something. If you want to catch up on the live blogs from the last three conferences check the Design Automation Conference ( DAC ) Wiki.

    It is interesting to see the DAC ...

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