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    by Published on 06-15-2014 05:00 PM
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    I often feel that product marketing can simultaneously be an underrated and overrated function. More often than not, it suggests product goals, pricing, and positioning. Then the marketing department must defend those positions to both engineering and sales. However, both the engineering and sales departments can claim expertise for technology, purchasing ...
    by Published on 06-15-2014 08:05 AM

    Why should you be a part of SemiWiki? Two reasons: One, SemiWiki is an excellent semiconductor networking tool. Quite often “who you know” comes into play in your professional life so network-network-network. Two, SemiWiki is all about personal branding. Establish yourself as a person of interest in your chosen field and opportunities will come to you, absolutely.
    by Published on 06-11-2014 06:00 PM
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    It was a bad sign when an EDA company solicited John Cooley’s help in their legal challenge: See Did Atoptech Just Astroturf Synopsys? Gabe Moretti also did an article: John Cooley Barrister Chastises Synopsys | Gabe on EDA. An even worse sign is when your legal team gets disqualified, especially when that legal team is the top EDA litigator. I read about the DQ ...
    by Published on 06-09-2014 01:00 PM
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    The mobile numbers for Q1 are now published. At #1 as always is Samsung, who shipped 86M phones for 30% market share. At #2, with almost half as much volume, is Apple who shipped 44M phones. Round here in silicon valley pretty much everyone has either a Samsung Galaxy or an iPhone so you don't get any sense of who the other major players are, because the action is mostly ...
    by Published on 06-09-2014 06:00 AM
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    In recent days I’ve seen several long discussions about Texas Instruments losing its grip in semiconductor industry when it came out of a business it was strong in, i.e. wireless business. It seems the semiconductor community has not digested the fact that TI, very rightly, came out of the OMAP business at the right time. The smartphone business is maturing and is characterized by short life cycle, thinning profit margin and rising competition. True, in last decade it was a ...
    by Published on 06-06-2014 08:50 AM
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    Jim Hogan organized a panel on the Internet of Things (IoT) on Wednesday afternoon. The panellists were Randy Smith of Sonics, Bernard Murphy of Atrenta, Gary Smith (himself) and Frank Shirrmeister of Cadence.

    Gary reckons that IoT is a Wall Street buzzword being used to get stock prices up. If you go to a series of presentations of IoT you will realize that they are all talking about something different. So IoT is not a market, medical is a market, ...
    by Published on 06-05-2014 04:00 PM
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    It is axiomatic that the DAC vendor community would love to serve the exciting and expanding automotive market; and the auto community would love to continue to increase their value through innovative software/ hardware solutions, which will one day lead to the self-driving car. But how do we team to lap the track?

    Jim Hogan set the stage for the Heroes DAC panel with the scope of the automotive challenge, both software and hardware… stressing that software defines user experiences.

    Alain Labat, Managing Director at Harvest Management Partners, LLC.
    by Published on 06-05-2014 02:00 PM
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    When people ask which DAC is the most memorable I used to say my first because I was a new college grad and it really was exciting. The next DAC was memorable since it was in Las Vegas and my beautiful wife joined me. This year was DAC number 30 for me and of course it will be the most memorable since I signed hundreds of copies of “Fabless: The Transformation of the Semiconductor Industry ...
    by Published on 06-05-2014 10:00 AM
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    I always enjoy attending the SystemC User group to see what is being done by users of SystemC. This time was no exception. Not only is it FREE, but the professional networking around the meeting, presentations, and break times are terrific.

    There were 5 paper presentations at the North American SystemC User Group (NASCUG) on Monday, including an Accellera standards update
    by Published on 06-05-2014 07:56 AM
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    So what was the overall theme of DAC this year? Usually there seems to be some trend that is hot. A few years ago it was power, then more recently all the stuff associated with 20nm and 16nm such as FinFETs and double patterning. Those things are still around, of course, and there are new generations of tools.

    One theme is that more design is being done at the system level than ...

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