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    by Published on 05-21-2015 05:00 AM  Number of Views: 778 
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    Formal verification is qualitatively different from most other verification. A simulation can pass or fail. But while formal verification can prove that the circuit is correct, or incorrect, it can also return "not proven" which means either that the algorithms ...
    by Published on 05-19-2015 05:00 AM  Number of Views: 11232 
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    DAC is in San Francisco, of course, and perhaps you have a day or two to do explore the city. Guidebooks will tell you to visit most of these places but there are much better ways to see them than they typically recommend. Follow these instructions and pretend you are a local.
    by Published on 05-16-2015 05:00 AM  Number of Views: 14234 
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    Who says Asian companies can't innovate? Just look at how Taiwan's MediaTek Inc. has conceived a 64-bit system-on-chip (SoC) that features 10 Cortex-A cores in a tri-cluster configuration. MediaTek's Helio X20 processor is also the first mobile SoC that boasts ARM's latest CPU and GPU cores. Moreover, it sports an ultra-low-power Cortex-M4 core that ...
    by Published on 05-15-2015 10:00 AM  Number of Views: 2243 
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    When we talk about analog IC market, one can easily guess who the leader with lion’s share in the market is. There are also next level leaders with impressive growth rates in this market. The analog market as such is poised to grow with Internet of Things (IoT) because ...
    by Published on 05-15-2015 05:00 AM  Number of Views: 767 
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    Bob Smith has been appointed executive director of EDAC, following the retirement of Bob Gardner after nearly 20 years. Bob (Smith) was most recently the marketing and business development VP for Uniquify. However, he has been in the ...
    by Published on 05-13-2015 05:00 AM  Number of Views: 721 
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    That was said by the novelist Samuel Butler, but it is not a bad description of why you should spend the Sunday at DAC in one of the workshops that are taking place that day.

    One workshop is on Design Automation for ...
    by Published on 05-10-2015 05:00 PM  Number of Views: 1529 
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    Micrel Inc., one of the oldest chipmakers in Silicon Valley, has been acquired by Chandler, Arizona–based Microchip Technology Inc. for $839 million. A pure-play analog chip house will go to one of the leading microcontroller suppliers after regulatory approval amid the ...
    by Published on 05-10-2015 08:00 AM  Number of Views: 869 
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    In the first part of this article, I talked about some of the key business aspects along with some technical aspects like system performance, functionality, and IP integration that drive the architecture of an SoC for its best optimization and realization in an economic sense. In this part, let’s dive into some more aspects that are needed to make your SoC robust enough to survive in today’s global environment. ...
    by Published on 05-08-2015 12:00 PM  Number of Views: 1128 
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    The media landscape is changing faster than ever before. I don’t really think we have more news to cover but there sure are more people covering it and even more news outlets are coming. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, SnapChat, etc… news will be coming at us faster and from more directions than ever before. It’s not a bad thing but there are ...
    by Published on 05-07-2015 12:00 PM  Number of Views: 691 
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    My typical DAC trip is a blur of non-stop interviews with EDA, IP and Semiconductor vendors followed by a few dozen blogs to share what I've learned. I just became aware of something a bit different at DAC this year by talking with Jill Jacobs, an organizer for an event dubbed Heart of Technology (HoT) where they raise money for a worthy, local charitable cause.

    Jill Jacobs, Mod Marketing
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