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  • Cadence spinout at DAC

    I remember when Celestry was acquired by Cadence because that gave them a hierarchical Fast SPICE simulator to compete with HSIM. In 2007 part of Celestry spun out from Cadence and became Proplus, which now offers a SPICE simulator called NanoDesigner.

    Proplus US company, founded in 1995 (Used to be Celestry, acquired by Cadence, spun out in 2007)
    - R&D in Beijing and Silicon Valley
    - NanoDesigner (4 years old): SPICE tool, not Fast SPICE
    o Compete with: Spectre, FInesim, HSPICE
    o Accuracy is the goals
    o Statistical SPICE (Monte Carlo technique)
    o Customers: Not disclosed
    o Pricing: Not disclosed
    - IR/EM Verification
    o Partnership with Grid Simulation Tech
    o Customers: Not yet
    I hadn't heard of Proplus before last week, so I've added it to the list of all SPICE tools on our wiki page.

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