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  • Extreme DA at DAC

    Over the lunch hour on Tuesday at DAC I met with Emre Tuncer, VP Product Engineering & Applications and heard about extraction and timing analysis.


    Tsmc versus fabclub-extreme-da-flow-jpg

    GoldX parasitic extractor. Fast extractor, recently announced, all new technology, early customer adoption. One customer deploying it in 40nm, soon to be 28nm.
    - Sold stand alone.
    - Fast run times.
    - Scalability, more cores better speed.
    - Within 2% of a 3D field solvers on average. Mean is 1.5%, sigma is 1%.
    - SPF timing differences are within 5ps.
    - Cell-based extractor (not transistor level tool, stay tuned for device extraction)
    - Extract each block, then stitch SPF files together at the top level
    Focus static timing analysis (Engine is statistical), reduce the turn around time, less pessimistic models (less fixing).
    TSMC Gold Time is endorsed for Reference Flow (Statistical Timer).
    Prime Time, why switch ?
    - Faster turn around time
    - As good or better than SPICE accuracy
    - Better reductions than Prime Time, reduce the amount of pessimism

    Gold Time out for awhile now, OCV is important and short turn around times
    - Broadcomm
    - Qualcomm
    - Xilinx
    - Not working as closely with Common Platform partners yet, mostly TSMC
    - Quick run times using efficiency, MT

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