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  • SoC Constraints, Design & Verification at DAC

    I hadn't followed EDA start-up company Ausdia much before, so at DAC I met with Sam Appleton, CEO to find out what they are all about.

    Sanjay Lall, Sam Appleton - Ausdia

    Q: Who uses your EDA tools?

    Who: RTL designers and chip integrators, before it gets handed off to physical implementation.


    Language: Verilog, SystemVerilog, VHDL, mixed-languages.

    Q: What do your tools do?

    What: SDC (Synopsys Design Constraints) verification, timing constraint generations, to handoff to backend guys, find errors in spec before physical.


    Q: How similar to Fishtail?

    Closest competitior. We are 20 to 50x faster than Fishtail, capacity of millions of gates (2.5 B flat gates).

    Verification purpose of SDC.

    For full chip, it's just verification.

    Q: How new is your TimeVision tool?

    Started development in 2008, production in 2010, 2012 closed first tier one account, two more tier one accounts, another 5 (top 20 semi companies).

    Q: How long does it take to learn your tool?

    Learning curve - AE installs it, we are competent in a month. Another month or so to make final decision.

    Q: How do I use TimeVision in my design team?

    Multiple copies per team used, and 1-2 copies per engineer. Term based license, 1 2 3 year leases.

    Q: Are you part of any 3rd party programs?

    Yes, Mentor OpenDoor program - On DFT side, they are dominant.
    - Cadence, some interest.

    Q: How large is your company?

    Ausdia - 14 people, R&D in Sunnyvale. Some from Austin.

    Sam - PhD in Australia, worked at Silicon Graphics, start ups, did own start up.

    Q: How is your company financed?

    Ou company - privately financed.

    Q: What should I expect to see in the next year from Ausdia?

    By 2014 - have 1/2 of the world's top 10 semi companies. Two new products. Grown substantiality.

    Q: Who do I call for an evaluation?

    Evaluate - Call the factory in USA.

    Q: What have you learned at DAC this year?

    DAC lessons - Customers are needing CDC, designs are getting too complex. Good to see Austin customers.

    Q: What other EDA companies do you partner with?

    Partners - DFT verification (Defacto), Design Management vendors (Methodics, IC Manage)

    Q: Are you product protected by patents?

    Patents - First one issued, four more applied for.