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  • Speeding Design Closure at DAC

    At DAC you can measure buzz by how many people are crowded into your booth. I saw a crowd at the Oasys booth, so stopped to take in their 10 minute overview presentation. Here's what I learned.

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    Implementation Issues Oasys resolves:

    Generates an initial floorplan as guidance to P&R team
    Elminates routing congestion
    PPA improvment of your IP
    Constraints debugging
    Implement what if exploration

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    Fast path to implementation.
    Overview: 2009 physical RTL synthesis, also used by Xilinix Vivado tool
    Intel Capital & Xilinx investors

    Oasys Synthesis: Unlike traditional RTL synthesis, gate-level optimization.
    - RTL level optimization to give 10X TAT, capacity to synthesize top-levle of any dsing.
    - Placement has biggest impact on timing. Place first methodology.
    - RTL synthesized into a virtual partition, then placed gates.
    - One db from RTL to placement, physical cross-probe between RTL/Gates/Placement
    - Find timing violations and find the RTL source code and placement in floorplan, saves hours of time
    - Initial flooplan? RealTime flooplan compiler. Not 6 weeks, but just hours.
    - Place first methodology is unique, and in 1-2 days you have an optimal placement, hand off to P&R team
    - Is my design ready for implementation?
    - Creates floorplans, timing maps, dynamic & static power maps, routing congestion.
    - Identify congestion, caused by a mux with 2,000 wires.
    - Have I met my power budget?
    - Dynamic and Static power estimates early in the design process. Other tools are approximate in power.
    - How do you know this is the best implementatin option?
    - Not enought time to explore synthesis options?
    - With Oasys you can explore the design space, many options, not just a few. Did I meet my PPA requirements?

    How do you implement your design?
    RealTime Designer - Run on production chips, up to 10X faster TAT, 100M+ gate capacity, good starting point to P&R.

    Equivalency Checker - RealTime Parallel EC. RTL to gates verification.

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