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  • An EDA update from Dassault Systemes at DAC

    I first met Michael Munsey back at Viewlogic in the 1990's, so was pleased to meet with him at DAC and get an update on what Dassault Systemes has to offer the EDA world.

    Article: Cadence ClosedAccess-img_3472.jpg
    Michael Munsey, Dassault Systemes

    Q: What is Dassault all about?

    The company has been rearchitected, focused on the consumer experience. How can you design for the consumer?

    The Dreamliner was designed with the passenger in mind, by Boeing.

    Article: Cadence ClosedAccess-dreamliner-boeing-787.jpg

    Experiences for every industry so there's a silicon experience as well.

    Platforms for idea development.

    Q: What do you have for EDA users?

    The EDA world has been very narrowly focused, instead of broadly connected.

    Product Entineers, design engineers, mfr engineers (3 users).

    Design engineers - collaborative semi design (Pinpoint from Tuscanny), DesignSync. IP mgt and protection is essential. Defect tracking through IP, what other products are using that IP. Tracking external IP from a 3rd party, where is it being used, time to update versions. Partner IP designed into your own, how do you know that royalty should be payed?

    Semi verification and validation: Simulation lifecycle managemnet, from requirements to implementation. How are requirements tied to functional simulation or verification?

    Automotive requirements, ISO 26262 about 3-4 years old.
    SLM - Simulation Lifecycle Management (a Dassault acronym).

    Ford has to trust that their chip supplier has met the ISO 26262 spec. Show me how you got compliant?

    In the semi space Dassault is the only software supplier offering something to help semi companies to become IS 26262 compliant.

    DM Focus - IC Manager, Methodics, Cliosoft. BUt not ISO 26262 focused.

    Dassault - Designing car, cruise ship, aircraft. Systems engineering focus.

    Q: How is business at Dassault?

    Very good, we're buying a company per month. 7th largest SW company in the world. 40 people at DAC this year.

    Semi Collaboration - Enovia DesignSynch (DM), Enovia Pinpoint (big data, design closure, instantly access all of your IC data in a dashboard without invoking the tools).

    Pinpoint - acquired from Tuscany in Dec 2012.
    DesignSynch - for Synchronicity (Dennis Harmon, ex Viewlogic), Matrix One.
    IP Management and Protection - Enovia created. Dassault has years of tracking and protection experience, sharing, managing.

    SLM - Enovia plus Simulia (another brand at Dassault)